Saturday, 1 January 2011

It's 2011 where did that creep up from?

So......the moto, oh get me, THE moto - I should say MY moto for the year then will be............Don't wait for the world to change for you...........change it yourself.'

A lot of us do that don't we, just sit around and moan about things but very few get off their butts and try to change whatever it is that annoys them.

I just had a look on my facebook account and saw so many people I went to school with that are all married and have children.  For a milli second I thought something was wrong with me that I wasn't married yet and didn't have children yet.....whatever Alison - note to self, get over oneself.  Life takes us all on different journeys.....I am trying to apply the brakes and enjoy mine rather than just rushing for the finish post....which I may've been guilty of in the past.

So it's now 2011..........I remembered the Millennium celebrations like it was yesterday, then I realised it's a REALLY long time much has changed?  Well lots, some friends made it through, but I am definitely a different person to that girl - and thank god - not that there was anything wrong with the me of 2000 just I am really glad to still be growing and changing as a person.  In 2000 the celebrations started with some friends coming over to my flat, we cracked open some bottles and had a mini celebration.  We then piled out into the streets and went to a lovely restaurant in the centre of London, we ate to our hearts content and then shouted and whooped our way to the river, ie the Thames for the big spectacular river of fire display that well didn't happen.  Nice one!  The place was full to bursting of people, so many blowing whistles, I thought I had stepped into a football game, and very nearly rammed some whistles down peoples throats.  After a while I gave up trying to find my older brother and his friends and I bid farewell to my group that were content to hang out with zoo of people and watch a river of fire that just wasn't happening.  Sophie and I ran off to a deep dark place in North London called Wood Green.  We went to the house of a musician we knew.  We partied hardy and I think we all ended up getting married in a field that year. 

Anyway - I am going to celebrate yet another night of excessive drinking with no hangover - go me! 

I hope that 2011 is going to be my year............I guess watch this space to find out!!

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