Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Coughton Court

Such a lovely building and then once inside I saw that their family crest/coat of arms contained an elephant - big thumbs up from me then.

I had to laugh - this poor boys forehead and the hair cut - I think I was meant to be marvelling at the amazing paintings - and they were - but this did make me giggle.
The lady got her own back later by  having a go at me for using my camera flash - then I accidentally stuck two fingers up by thinking I had turned my flash off and taking another picture whilst I was stood next to her with the flash blasting out - whoops!

Whilst standing underneath this - I heard a creak - it scared me just a little.

This lovely house has been with the Throckmorton family since 1409 and holds a place in the history books now just because of its beauty but also because Guy Fawkes is rumoured to have been here when the gunpowder plot happened.

If you are interested please do read the information in the link below.

Coughton Court the powder treason


  1. hey, I really like reading your post and as others this one too is lovely, i can share the laugh with you on the lil boys innocent hair cut.. guys in that 'era' used to enjoy a life of innocence rather than style

  2. Thank you very much! I feel I've been neglecting this little blog a little lately - I blame the cold weather - it's been snow across the whole country for what seems like forever but I might be exagerating but it does mean that all you want to do is eat and sleep!