Saturday, 11 December 2010

By The Time You Read This

Lola Jaye – By The Time You Read This

This is a very easy book to read. I don’t like the term ‘throw away’ book that I have heard be used for such reads. It seems dismissive and almost negative. But just like I have a varied music taste to meet different moods and emotions, I feel the same about the literature that I read. Sometimes I want really deep and meaningful and sometimes I want fluffy fun.

This book leans more into the fluffy fun side of things but it’s written from the point of view of a child who is having to grow up without her father. A father that knew he was dying and had the time to write a manual for her to read on her birthday each year. This helped her keep her father alive and to almost feel like he was still there to offer her advice. It’s interesting to be written from a Father rather than the more obvious mother angle. All the things that the main character Lois goes through is very typical to real life. Although her fathers ability to guess this from the grave is rather far fetched, I’d argue that is the beauty of fiction though, it is all about imagination so a little artistic license is ok in my eyes.
The advice is sound, to a point where you will find your self smiling and nodding in agreement with some of it, and almost wishing you had your own manual at other times.

This book won’t change your world but it’s a very pleasant way to while away some time and you will find the odd gem in here that really lifts your spirits.

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