Sunday, 19 December 2010


All I seem to do these days is write on here about books I've read lately - I think it's to do with me trying to work out which direction to take my writing in - so why break a new habit ay!

This book is aimed at mid teens - but quite often the young adult books are not that different to adult fiction - sometimes there is even a bit more work in them - you know those wondering attention spans have to be reigned in. 

Thing is - due to it being  young adult fiction it can mean that many miss an opportunity to read a good book.

At a charity store near me they sell many books for 25pence and they are not broken up into any genre or age group.

I found a book called The Next Big Thing by Judy Waite and I didn't know what market it was aimed at.

I liked the sound of it.  A young boy called Elliot is discovered singing and playing guitar outside one day.  The record company decides he is going to become the next big thing.  It's naturally not quite how he expected it to be.  They record company wants to make this boy a product and think and practically breathe for him.  The record company exec put in charge of Elliot probably failed in his own career so is hell bent on controlling Elliot....even stopping him from seeing the new girl in his life, or at least trying to.

It's a simple but pleasurably read and there are some good points made about thinking for yourself.  You do start to care about the characters and the twist at the end gave me chills!

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