Monday, 22 November 2010

Who knew that caves were so close to London!

So, making full use of having a vehicle at our disposal this weekend we went to Chislehurst Caves in Kent.  They are man made, so we knew they were never going to be quite as spectacular as natural caves, but even so it's lovely to have been.
The caves were used during the war to house about 15,000 people.  There was even a hospital set up down there.

People would work the mine's for flint.  And the points they would make out of the flints would be called Naps.  And they would have a little sack to put them in so they didn't lose them.  These poor people were working by candle light.  So now you know where the term Napsack comes from.

This isn't an old carving, a young lady did this in the caves as a thank you to the workers there whilst she was studying.  It represents good and evil.

This is a little pond/pool in the caves, it used to be a lot deeper but during the war when they had children staying there they blocked most of it off so that there wouldn't be any little accidents.  When they dredged it they found the skeleton of a lady, thought to be one of the workers wives.  They will never know if she jumped or if she was pushed.

But this adds to the mystery and the ghost stories about the caves.  Once upon a time a competition was open to anyone to spend 12 hours down there sat by the pool with just some candles and flask of tea for company.  Hardly anyone managed to stay down there. 

And this is the resident ghoul.  There was even a prison and a mini court set up in the caves.

We then stopped off at Epping Forest.

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