Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Look with your eyes open!

It glitters and sparkles, it looks like magic, maybe it is. I guess nature is quite magical if you bother to notice it! You have to believe to see. You really almost do – or just be alive or with it enough to know there is more to life than just having your eyes open. Don’t just look, but really see! It’s like don’t just breathe because it’s the natural thing to do – breathe in a way that makes you feel alive.

Then I say that about everything. Don’t let life happen to you – make it happen. Take life by the horns and dance with it. Remember the journey is as important, if not more important than the end result.

Looking out the window at the sparkles – it makes me think all of this. But what am I really looking at? Are you thinking I’ve gone mad? Not believing that the world can sparkle? Well you might be wrong you know. Look out there…….that’s all I am doing.

There are seeds and leaves falling from trees, they are on the start of a new journey. They are falling to the ground. Some will grow. Some will get trodden on. Some will get swept up and some will just fly away. If you take a picture it almost looks like things flying up from the floor, like their little live sin rewind. The air is damp and the sun is shining, making them glow, making them dance and sparkle.

It made me think of all of this. That one picture. But I guess you could just see leaves falling from trees………..but where is the fun in that!!!

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