Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'd say not for the faint hearted, but apparently it's ok..............

My friend Kelly sent me a message today with a couple of you tube links to it.......I thought I'd copy it out as it really shocked me that people do this and think it's ok and some of the really lame/lazy responses to the videos as well.
This is Kelly's message:

"Ok – really wish I hadn’t decided to look for these clips…there is no way I could do this!! It would be like me pulling a fish out of our tanks and eating it! I had to look away when she finally pulled it out and then to dip it in something red!! Looks even more macabre! I REALLY wanted her to choke on it! Read the views of the d*ckhead too!!

Video Number 1

and this is what I was telling you about – they beep fry it’s body just long enough so it still stays alive! Couldn’t watch it past the first couple of pokes it had to endure coz I nearly burst into tears!

Video Number 2

MAKES ME F*C*ING SICK TO MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And there end's Kelly's message.  I gritted my teeth and I watched the two videos.
My response:

"Wow the people’s responses are totally messed up!

It’s sick and disgusting because we are human and we have a conscience. Lions and things eat for survival and they kill quickly. They don’t leave a fish out on a plate to suffocate in a drawn out manner, whilst slowly having bits torn off them or constantly harrassed by two pieces of wood, dropped and then put into sauce that would burn their eyes out whilst they are alive....and that's all before anything bites them.

People do care about people dying – put up a video of a small child slowly being eaten alive and see the reaction.

They are being thick and stupid.

She doesn’t look comfortable eating those wiggling fish and neither should she.

Ignoring everything about morals for a moment if you will but an animal dying in such a way is going to be releasing so many stress hormones which the ‘human’ will then be consuming – and that alone is really bad for you.

It’s a sad world that thinks such things are ok!"

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