Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Deep into the pool of thought that is the well of knowledge that runs my mind

So someone very dear to me is away right now.  Searching to help his family.  It doesn't always go so well.  But that's families right? I heard the other day that it's just the other side of love when families fall out or row.  What does that mean? To me the other side of love is hate, but I am sure that is not what 'they' are meaning by that statement.  Do they mean that if you love then you have to go through the fall outs too? Well yes I suppose you do to a degree, and maybe fall outs with family members are bigger and huger and the cuts run deeper because family can get away with things that other people would never be able to do.

What makes us get on with others?  You know how you choose your friends but you can't choose your family? Well, I personally disagree.  A friend said that when you live in London your friends become your family in a way that doesn't happen elsewhere.  I think this is because London can be a cold lonely place, despite all the people - or maybe because of.  I think life chooses your friends.  I have hung out with people that bring out my bad side - I seem to gravitate, sorry scratch that, I seemED to gravitate to such people - then things kept happening that would keep me further and further from them and push me more towards my more sensible friends.  Don't think I mean boring by sensible - you only need to scratch the surface of anyone to find that little devil inside, you've just got to care to look.

I wondered if those that have a great home life are the ones that are content to have a couple of friends to see them through life, and maybe those that don't get on with their family are the ones that are always searching for more friends, always counting friends, no figure is ever enough.

Someone once said that they had enough friends thanks very much.  That statement still really freaks me out.  I don't think you should really search out friends as I believe the right people gravitate towards each other eventually.

I don't think there is many or actually anyone in this world I hate.  I hate certain human qualities and I can think of one person in this world that doesn't deserve my pee pee if they were  on fire, but, that's not the same as hate.  Hate is wasteful.  So............thinking back to my last post about Linda's book, that is a family whose emotion flipped to the other side of love in the form of incest between a brother and sister, so can that also flip to a murder or something between a brother and sister, or is that too violent a flip?  But what makes you love or hate?  There is a very fine line between the two but also a world of difference?

And why is this world so filled with hatred today?  Why are people so angry? Why are so many good deeds seen as trite?  Why did I see in the paper that some 15 year old boy had been battered in a way that took surgeons 3 days to put him back together, internally I wonder how long it will be for him to feel put back together, do you think he ever will?  His life changed forever.  For a mobile phone and £5 thanks to some 'hoodies' with baseball bats and god only knows what else.  Why?  When did they get so angry that everyone is to blame?  Why can't they see that the buck stops with them - that they are the ones that can bring about a change in their circumstances for the better, and a little hint - beating up a kid in overpoweringly huge numbers with weapons is not really the way to go about bringing yourself a better life......oh yeah it made them a whole phone and £5's richer..................do I need to make a comment further on that one?  Nah, I didn't think so.

So what causes that level of hatred?

Why can't we all just remember to be a little nicer, that just one smile can light up the world.

I get laughed at for always having my head in the clouds and for wishing on rainbows but honestly - it's nicer here - you should all try it!

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