Wednesday, 10 November 2010

At least I took part............

So - there was a competition running that I entered but didn't win - but remember what I said about the journey.......anyway - you were given a picture and you had to write a 100 word story about the picture. 

Sail Away
I love to be near water. Crave it even. Mommy went away not long after that photo was taken. Went to heaven, I was told. I told everyone that Mommy was an angel. Went on holiday, came back without a Mommy. Not the best souvenir. Each time I look at where the sea meets the sky with the warm glow of the sun spreading out across the waves, I think of my Mommy, I look at the twinkle and it makes me think of her eyes. The waves break up the reflection I wave goodbye with my heart again warmed.

A Moment of Madness
What have I done! I had it all and now? It’s in tatters! ‘It’ being my life of course! The grand ballroom is a mess. Papers, glasses, books strewn around me. The glorious chandelier is hanging precariously. Michael was here ten minutes ago. Now he’s gone. For good! It looks like the aftermath of a party in here. This hangover is going to last for years. One stupid mistake! That’s all it was. Does that make it better? Worse? Michael said it was worse. To ruin ‘us’ over something meaningless. The fight that followed was intense. Almost erotic. But now……..over!


  1. Wow, a very beautiful piece of work! I am sorry to hear that you did not win. :( Keep your head up, I'm sure you will win soon. Keep submitting your piece to other contests. You are right when you say "At least I took part." So true.

    Anyways, I wish you the best and I think your work is good enough to make it. Just keep your faith and keep trying! Oh, and be sure to post when you do get your piece published :) I always love to go and read the work of the bloggers I follow.

    Warmest wishes,

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words and encouraging voice. I am trying to find out how to take tentative steps to get something published in a magazine and take things from there. I totally agree that I have nothing to lose by this space....hopefully.