Thursday, 18 November 2010

Altered Land by Jules Hardy

This was one of those books that leapt out at me from the bookshelf. The cover felt inspiring. But I love water so that’s no surprise. I struggled to get into the book during the first chapter but I thankfully persevered and feel my efforts were rewarded.
The story is about love. But it focuses more on the love between a mother and her son, yes there are romantic relations in this book too but they are more about giving the characters depth, backgrounds and futures.
John is a child full of energy and mischief and noise. Joan is a lady of much beauty, her life is made quite easy by her beauty. The main subject is one that is quite horrifying though.
On John’s 13th birthday his Mother suggests a trip to London to buy him his first pair of ‘proper’ jeans. What should’ve been a lovely day out changes their lives for ever. Joan, takes a wrong turn in the car. One simple little misjudgement and their lives are changed. That alone makes me stop and think for a while,

Whilst taking this wrong turn they end up parking in a car park they may not have used otherwise. As they start to leave the car a bomb explodes.
John is plunged into an unknown world where he will stay, a world of not being able to hear.
Joan has her face disfigured so horribly that people don’t want to look at her, she doesn’t really want to look at herself.
The story that follows goes back and forth between the accident and the present day. Exploring both characters feeling and emotions. How things change between them. How their lives change and how they change as people and what happens to them on the journey of life.

The book opens up thoughts and feelings that you hope never to have to worry about. It’s emotional from start to finish. Sometimes sad, sometimes crushing but above all heart warming.

Another one to stay on my bookshelf.

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