Thursday, 7 October 2010

Super Lou

The wonder dog.  Although that's not really what this book is called.

The book is called Last Dog on The Hill by Steve Duno.

Lou is found by the side of the road a little worse for wear and covered with ticks and fleas.  He's the son of a rotweiller that is being used to guard a marijuana farm. 

Steve takes the dog home with him and so begins this wonderful story.  It's not just about companionship.  It's not just about Lou's life, or Steve's.  It's about a unique journey.  The wonderful friendship a man and a canine can have.  The trust they have in each other, especially strong when Steve becomes a dog trainer with Lou helping to train some of the most fearsome creatures.

Lou even helps out when a young girl gets attacked in their apartment block, he captures the attacker in quite spectacular fashion.  Lou, in many ways is a very special dog, he seems brave and fearless with such a huge aptitude for learning.  An intelligent dog beyond most.

The story is beeautiful.  You find out right at the beginning that Lou has since passed, so you know that this will be coming.  By the time that stage of Lou's life is upon the reader you will be in tears.  Even in the written form Lou's immense personality leaps out at you sucking you in.

One book that I would recommend to anyone.


  1. My pleasure - you really had one special dog there (not that you need me to tell you that)!