Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Rar blar rarrrrrrrrrrr

The age we live in has been brought up to expect a car and a house and holidays once, maybe even twice a year.

Now I was brought up to know this is possible if you work for it.

Many people think they can just sign on and get benefits – or find a way to fiddle someone’s books to make it look like they are working, or pretend they have some disability so they can get as much in hand outs as possible. This costs the state HUGELY and um whatever happened to self respect and instilling good things in your children…….anyway I’d like to say each to their own BUT our government is on about cutting benefits to help the countries deficit. I tell you what they should do….crack down on the people that should not be claiming benefits – that would save them millions.

Now back to the house issue, um now to buy a first time property – and buy that we mean little flat in London – you need a deposit of about £27,900 um not really possible on today’s wages.

We need to be paying about £10,000 more each year into a pension fund…….most pension funds won’t let you pay that much into it each year. After tax most people don’t earn much more than that each year!!!

The world became easy to travel around, so people moved. You don’t get the community that you once did. The local stores have shut down. But suddenly the government is making owning and running a car really expensive but the communities can’t support everyone living and getting all their ‘stuff’ from the local community.

So, what? We get the train? Oh that will be the trains that are too over crowded, that are not reliable and are about to go up by maybe as much as 37% each year.

Hmmmm, doesn’t take a genius to see a problem here.

The car? Well the world can’t really afford to have many more people driving, the roads can’t really take many more people driving but people need to as the public transport is too rubbish and expensive, so um what does that leave? Push bikes? Yeah don’t even get me started about the safety issues and security issues about that one. I still have my boyfriends broken bicycle downstairs thanks to an ignorant motorist and careless bus driver. My only thanks is that it was just his bike that was broken………

So where was I? Oh yeah – money and jobs……… are being cut, which will put more people on benefits, but benefits are being cut so that makes what, more homeless people? But the mayor would like to stop all homelessness on the streets of London by 2012……yeah……………

Education is going up……..a 5 year University degree course in London could set someone back by £120,000 but there are job cuts and benefit cuts so, um, yeah……………so less people will go to University meaning there will be more people looking for jobs, but oh yeah, there have been lots of job cuts and many more planned, which what? Means more people on benefits……………..

Oh yeah I forgot to say – not only are their job cuts, and rocketing house prices, and unreliable transport which will result in people being stranded almost and losing jobs for being late to work and and and, pause for breath, there is also going to be a cut in wages for many, the cost of living is going up in a ridiculous fashion and VAT is going to go up, so that is less jobs, less salary, more tax, less money to spend on way more expensive things.

Yeah – what are people worried about.

I am not rolling my eyes and quietly cursing someone called David.

The poor will be thrown a bone, the rich will be able to afford the things being thrown at them as proportionally it’s hardly anything, as for the majority – yeah sorry to tell you – you’re kindof pretty damn well screwed. By the Government. Shudder.

Now the bankers caused this latest down right bloody mess and what is happening to them? That’s right, they got given the ‘peoples’ money to help them out and what have they done in return since then, yes rewarded themselves with £7,000,000 bonuses….because they did so well!!?!! Sorry, I think I started choking there.

Soooooooo the Government are spending how much again? Wasting what was it again? Just something as little as about £1,700 per laptop……….deciding to make MP’s take the tube instead of private cars to cut down costs, but then sending their paperwork home by said cars, so now it’s actually costing more as there is now the tube fare on top, which lets not forget is going to go up by how much was it – oh yeah way too freaking much is what.

All in all I think the big deficit is coming from the Governments ridiculous expenses. Sorry but if I live too far away for my job, tough shit – I have to commute or pay to rent somewhere else or move. And that is just the start of why the general public should not be paying for so much that they have to.

And lets not forget the expense of that little thing called war.

I believe we could live a happy and sweet life, without the need for so much ‘stuff’ without all this sadness, without the world being quite so unsafe.

But sadly someone invented money, Governments, classes and ego.

Every man is equal my arse.

At least I can sleep easy at night………. That ‘dude’ called David, can you!?!!

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