Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lost and Found

We've all been lost and longed to be found at some point in our life.

I’ve read many books that involve our loving canine friend. Up until now they have been true stories or at least heavily based on true stories.

I took a gamble and read Lost and Found by Jacqueline Sheehan. Not such a huge gamble as it was about doglets but it was a novel, a made up story.

And I loved it.

I read the book over a weekend, barely putting it down until I had finished. I was gambolling to the end, almost needing to know how the story went but also wanting to savour it – one of those lovely books I have spoken about before.

There is a time in everyone’s life that I think they become aware of their own mortality and then they become aware of those around them. Dying has never scared me – but being left behind whilst others around me die does. And in this story Roxanne Pellegrino finds out about this the hard way when her beloved husband suddenly dies right out of the blue. Roxanne is left reeling – she’s trying to come to terms with how to continue in life whilst also feeling very guilty for not being able to save her husband.

Roxanne tries to shut herself off from the world but it doesn’t really work. She’s moved away for a year long break from her old life and ends up meeting some wonderful quirky characters and a dog called Lloyd. Or rather they find each other. Both hurt and hurting. And together they help to fix each other. Quite literally as Lloyd is found with an arrow sticking out of him. Roxanne is led to an Archery instructor – which tangles up a story of a girl who has appeared to have killed herself and her mad ex boyfriend.

The story unravels at a pace that keeps you hooked from start to finish, you feel the characters, you become part of the story and cling on to the hope of a happy ending....this is another book that is going back on my book shelf to be read again!

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