Friday, 29 October 2010

It's another yep yep!

Rescue Me by Melissa Wareham

The book cover alone could sell me this book – maybe it even did – but the content obviously had to be good enough to keep me reading it to the end. It was part of my lost weekend of being sick in bed and catching up on some reading.

I think it was a very good companion.

Now, I’ve read a few reviews that have been a bit unkind to Melissa Wareham, saying she’s tried to make out she was holier than thou and how she did this and she did that…..but this is a story about her time at Battersea Dogs Home and the things that happened and the animals that she met…, um, how could you not think it was going to talk about the good deeds that she did as Battersea Dogs Home is all about good deeds is it not?

It is quite breathtaking just how many dogs pass through the doors of Battersea every year. These days there is a trend to own terrier types, as in Staffy’s and anything that might look like one. The poor dogs are given a death sentence from the minute they are born at the moment. These dogs are very good care dogs, but sadly irresponsible owners and bad breading has led them to be a muscle bound bullet just waiting to shoot out at someone. So, sadly the irresponsible owners can’t look after their dogs and give them up, these poor dogs can’t be rehomed as you just can’t trust their behaviour anymore, so sadly there lies the end of their life. It can’t be nice to be the vet in charge at Battersea Dogs Home.

I thought this book was going to make me cry, a lot, but thankfully Melissa really focuses on the good work that Battersea do, and the lovely animals that come into the home and manage to find good new parents. It’s an uplifting story with the naturally sad bits in, but at those moments you just say that you have something in your eye.

Definitely one for any dog lover to read.

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