Friday, 29 October 2010

It really is a passing trend.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures - I was multi tasking.  In other words I was eating hot soup and a bread roll whilst only having my low grade camera phone with me........

Very glitzy glam boots from a high street store naturally with a high street price - which kindof shows you don't need to spend a gazillion pounds - as lets be honest - boots like this make a statement the first few times you wear them then it's like oh she's got those boots on again.........

hideous....I just do not get this coat - it's like a mismash of all sorts of old nasty fur type coats put together and stitched up any which way you want.

And yet this - there is a touch of grandma to it and a touch of miss marple to it but somehow I am thinking it looks cosy and cute.  And winter clothes don't very often do cosy and cute.

Ugg boots.  The name is not much removed from Ugly - I've been saying it for years - and they can 'jazz' them up as much as they want, I am sticking by my original statement.

Oh literally seconds ago I said how cosy and cute aren't very often used for winter fashion - well H&M didn't disappoint me now did they.  Shapeless and dull jumpers can be yours for £19.99

Blurgh blurgh blurgh - these horrible based on the LV logo bags are making a comeback.  Why? There are plenty of ways to make bags looks interesting and lovely - none of these do it.  Most of them are a fair few hundred pounds as well....why oh why!

But with matching tights - it sounds so kindergarten - but there is something very very cute about these.

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