Monday, 4 October 2010

I am not being lazy I just want to find the right source writing course if drawing to an end. So far so good. I am even planning on the next course as we speak. In the meantime I really want to start stretching my writing and not just writing for myself. i have a few thoughts and ideas as always but I figured many minds are better than one, so does anyone know of any good little papers or blogs that would be interested?  I would be grateful for any advice!

Thanks muchly.


  1. i wish i could help, but every blog i read sucks really bad and i dont know why i waste my time. Oh um except yours ali, your blogs are the bestest ! but im bias, i like reading pretty babes blogs :D
    Also what subjects are you wanting to study an wirte about? Mostly i just read journals an such.

  2. Hmm I think I would be happy to write reviews on books, films and music or short stories or current events that type of thing.....any ideas?

  3. hmm well ali i spent a grat amount of time thinking about you, but in a good way :D

    My ideas are currently being held in a small padded room wearing a straight jacket, while the voices are walking backwards giggling.

    I forgot what your interests are completely, so i feel uncomfortable giving out ideas.

    The only book i can think of is from jean auel and is the fifth (book) part of a story that was made into a movie long ago called clan of the cave bear.
    As for movies, I havent seen much and the one coming to mind is an animated tale of a man with asburgers syndrome called mary and max or max an mary, i forgot.

    Music? hmm, well reviewing a topic is subjective and based on personal tastes. You appear to love elephants and i bet adore how they comunicate, but i enjoy whale songs.

    In the end i can honestly say that ive enjoyed most of your posts. I am interested in your political views and the happenings in your country, but my doctors have advised me to avoid such realities.

    I guess what im left with is umm

    Ali, could you tell me a story that is from your mind and heart?
    if it isnt too much to ask .