Sunday, 19 September 2010

Star Gazing

Now this is something I do whenever I can, which I guess means not that often in London.  I am fascinated by stars and planets and things but have never really explored it because, quite frankly, it makes my head hurt.  I can't get the concept that 'nothing existed before' how can nothing exist for one but also 'something' has to be there, and nothing can go on forever because there has to be something after it, even if it's just static space, and if it looped round on itself, well there has to be something after that loop, or outside of that loop rather.  Even if we really are all just being held up by Elephants on the back of a giant turtle, that turtle has to be walking in or on something and all around it has to be something AND AND AND AND AND.....pretty much until my head explodes.

But anything to do with stars fascinates me...I mean, come on, they twinkle! Which in itself is a beautiful word.

So I bought a book called Star Gazing by Linda Gillard and heaven forbid it's a romance novel.  I don't normally do such things.   But every now and then it's nice to have a total no brainer throw away book.  And I don't mean Mills & Boon type things, those just make me shudder and cringe, I mean chick lit that is funny and means to be.  But I knew this book wasn't going to be like it.  The lead character is a blind lady and that also intrigued me.  I am interested in learning about all different writing styles and like to try to understand all sorts of different people.  The book was cheap and I thought 'why not!'

Why not indeed.  Well, I am only about an 1/8th of the way through the book but there has already been some quite lovely descriptions thrown in.

(You can read more about the actual book here.)

I hope the author won't mind me copying out a few of her words here, I guess at the end of the day I am promoting her book so here goes.........

'You know, I sometimes wish we would all treat each other as if we were about to die.  Say all the things that should be said.  And not say the things that shouldn't.  It would be different, wouldn't it, if we could see death coming.'

A very interesting and I personally think, good point.  And one I will ponder about for the rest of the weekend for sure.

'Some people think conservation is about saving animal species.  Especially the cuddly ones.  They don't realise we're also trying to prevent the human race from committing suicide.  We're links in a chain.  The chain only works when we're all linked together.'

Another good point don't you think!


  1. I don't mind you quoting, Alison. :-) I hope you enjoy the other 7/8. You might be interested to know STAR GAZING just topped a poll for "Favourite Romantic novel 1960-2010".

    Thanks for linking to my website. Come and join me on my author page on Facebook.

  2. Ah thank you for not minding :o) And congratulations to you - that's quite some achievement. I am not on Chapter 13 and am hating to put it down. The descriptions you have in the book are amazing! And thankfully it's not a really soppy romance novel ;op I am truely loving the book and can't wait to read the rest of it! I'll hop over to your website now.
    Thanks again!

  3. If you like STAR GAZING you'll probably like EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY, my first novel. It's similar -a spikey manic depressive heroine, a Scottish island setting (North Uist) and another hunky Highland hero. :-) I wrote it for myself, never thinking I'd find a publisher.

  4. Oo I might just have to give it a look then - it's funny as I don't normally like romance novels but I'm really enjoying Star Gazing. Your story gives me faith as well - if you wrote the book for yourself and found a publisher and the have gone on to write more books....I am currently half way through a writing course......

  5. BTW I finished the book and it was such a lovely read - the description in the book was brillian ☺

  6. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :-) Good luck with your writing course. I don't think it's ever been harder to find a publisher, but editors like young writers and they like blogs, so you never know...

  7. Thank you Linda. I think, like you, I am writing for pure pleasure so if anything else comes of it, I guess it's the cherry on top! I've ordered Emotional Geology as well so I'll let you know what I think. Thanks again and take care.