Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sometimes only a scream will do!

In rant mode so be warned!!!!

All over the papers and the news are stories of how this new government is going to make this cut and that cut and hold back on this and scrap that.  All the time they are saying that they are going to make sure the cuts are fairly distributed so everyone feels it not just the poor.  I have one thing to say to that..total poop.  Total and utter crap.  All they are saying is 'it's because of the last government, this is the mess the last government left us....' blah blah bloody blah.  Now for starters it's a bad worker that blames his tools.  Don't tell me whose fault it is just tell me how you are going to fix it in a realistic way - and the way the British government is going is really not realistic at all.  It's raising taxes and cutting benefits making the poor poorer in every way possible.  Rent is going through the roof.  House prices are a joke.  Jobs are being cut left right and centre.  More and more people will be forced onto benefits which are already being cut.  People get iller the poorer they are and what do you know - the NHS is being cut.   A healthy diet is essential to keep someone at their best and not to drain NHS's resources more than they have to, so um yeah that's right the cost of food is going to go up - by lots and lots.  People are being told to grow their own food - um - yeah - ur WHERE? It's almost impossible to get an allotment unless you have a spare 100 years to wait around for your name to be numero 1 on the list of who gets the next space when Percy finally pops his clogs.  There isn't enough room to house the people we need to house let alone grow our own veg, which personally I think is a huge huge shame.  By making people's tax go up you give them less money to spend, by making the cost of everything really jump up you are robbing people of a decent life even more.  The incentive to work is pretty low anyway but if wages get so low with cost of living so high people are going to willingly join the dole queue rather than join the wage slaves.  Sad but true.  Banks are now saying that they are going to stop paying any interest to people.  So please Mr bank manager tell me why I should give you my money to use in your dodgy deals when I am going to get nothing for it?  It's well know these wbankers are the reason for the recession but it's ok we're going to employ a new head guy and give him about £11 million whilst demanding the public who have suffered totally and it wasn't their fault pays for this.  oh.  Ok then!

I hate being treated like I am really stupid.  And that is what I feel this government is doing.

Personally I trust no government and I trust no politician - but please - every last little thing is them saying oh it's not our fault it's the previous government - well maybe, just maybe the last government where cleaning up the last load of shite the conservatives dropped on this country!!!!!!

Then I see in the paper that some lady who was I guess suffering some serious issues from her husband passing away - well she spent 22 hours a day playing some facebook game.  Her children were found starving and their pet dogs were dead and rotting on the living room floor.

Two young people (how I loathe to use that word about them) were convicted of verbally and mentally abusing a couple of children - some of the abuse included bite marks on the childrens genitals.  They have been found guilty and charged to 3 years in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will no doubt serve a third of that and the time in custody will be taken off so what does that mean a few days, weeks or months or totally ruining those few childrens lives?!?!?!!

Is there room to now to talk about the scandal hitting the Catholic churches - seriously if I start on that one this could go on forever....................

Sometimes this picture is how I feel.....sometimes!

What is this world coming to, I ask you!?


  1. Ali, that picture is how i feel more than just sometimes. I do try to care for people, but i think thats backwards, i mean, i do try not to care about people, because they dont care about themselves. so why should i feel suck sadness for a creature thats sole instinct is to hurt itself such as the human race is doing.
    One on one people are really cool, nice, and helpful twards eachother, but as a collective of beings, they accept their lot in life as mindless drones working for a slave master with hopes that they will have enough scraps at the end to feed themselves n the family.

    I find it cool, in a sad way, that your countrymen are doing what mine are, blaming the last govt/administrations for the mess we're in. Meanwhile continueuing down the same path to self destruction.

    I havent looked at your countries land mass, but ive seen globe shots of america. The solution here, one that i see anyways is on the same line as you put it, growing your own foods. We have so much open land laying unused called federal lands, why dont they build massive greenhouses and properly maintained organic farms, which would employ many of the unemployed.

    As i sit on the dole queue collecting govt allowance it dawned on my awhile back that in school we are taught the four basic food groups and the govt standard daily allowence for nutrition, yet the funds granted to me for foods is not clearly enough for such items. funny isnt it? the govt says you should X amount of such n such and seeing that your poor they give money, yet not enough for what they recommend :)

    Someday, hopefully , the people will realise that their govts sould be put in their place and work for the people not the corps for profits.

    until then i will sit on my ass and take what the govt gives me because i grew tired long ago of giving everything to my govt, so it can abuse its citizens.

  2. VERY good comment - it's sad but true that all governments talk the same talk really - nothing seems to be new - change as you say, is very much more of the same. My brothers band wrote a song about that very thing with Obama. Government figures are but puppets on strings, the line in my brothers song is 'when all the world's a stage, we're not the players, we're the played.' and I have to say it pretty much sums it up. Which in turn makes me feel quite helpless and like I am being treated like a mug. There are so many good solutions but they give the people too much control and it's all about keeping us down at the end of the day.