Saturday, 11 September 2010

Some days you just feel down or pissed off or misunderstood or you're running on empty or your head is just too busy and you have to walk and walk just to get some is one of those days.

So I took myself off, a few buses, a bit of walking and my camera.

The afternoon sun is still just a hint so the city looks quite far away and foggy and dramatic.

A little Narnia moment.....I can't help it everytime I see those lamposts my mind wanders.

Alexandra Palace.

Something about the mess and tangle but beauty of this sums up my mind.

The other side of Ally Pally.

Nice long tree lined paths that are empty always feel full or promise to me.

And so many of the leaves were heart shaped.

And then my tranquility was interupted, and my view became not so pretty!?!!

A short bus ride later and I was at Suicide bridge......can't think why it's called that!??!

Heading to Waterlow park.

Waterlow park - it feels abit like a dancing triffid!

Such lovely colours

Leaving Waterlow park....homeward bound.

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