Saturday, 18 September 2010

Routine schmoutine

Now I know that a certain form of routine is pretty good for the soul and sometimes the routine of things is how people keep themselves going.  But there's also something I really don't like about routine.  I think it's that I get bored easily, so walking the same route to the shops can get really boring.  That's why I try to always carry my camera, or at least pretend I have it with me.  And no I don't mean I walk around taking pictures with my fingers, making a clicking sound.  I just mean I try to look for a photo in everything. 

I had to go to a post office depot yesterday and only had my phone with me.  I could've just pulled on my coat, braced myself against the wind and got the bus to the depot and get a bus back.  Instead, I gave my pass to D and walked to the depot, taking the long route back to where I was going through the local park.

You can just about work out the conkers that are slowly rippening, I wonder if any child still plays with such things?

This building is an old bank and is really pretty with ivy growing all over one side.  The light made it near impossible to photo but I actually prefered this shot anyway!

One of my old abodes!

The sign saying Staff yard makes me laugh, I imagine a big courtyard fenced off with a load of people tied up outside - just like the dogs have to be at the Cafeteria.

The dappled lighting really warped the photo - making me feel drunk.....I wasn't!!!

Then today I had to go out to get some fruit and veg' and some vitamins.  Again I could've just dived on the bus, gone to the place I wanted to and come home.  Boring chore done.  Instead I took my camera.

Can you see the sea yet?  (it's not actually there so don't bother looking too hard!)

And this lovely building is a pub.  You can worship at the alter also known as the bar.

And then I got the bus home, chores done in next to no time without feeling like a chore at all!


  1. hehe.. i really liked the commentary that followed your planned camwalks (walking with a camera around), and the stump is so beautiful plz the shot with super sun blinding the viewers. i loved it

  2. There is something strangely nice about a lump of wood, maybe it's because it is grounding - I am not sure. Thank you for your lovely kind words - it just goes to show how much more interesting you can make the world look with a camera in your hands ;o)