Friday, 3 September 2010


So, I'm really finding it hard to write, to take photos, to crochet, to do pretty much anything.  I spent a lovely day at the hospital and have to go to see a specialist - how I wish there really were housework fairies -still not quite sure how I am going to totally rest the hand that I write with and still work and keep the house clean - eeek!

On a plus I did go to the cinema to see The Girl Who Played With Fire - and although it wasn't as good as the first installment I still thought it was good, gritty cinema.  My friend Jess managed to get us free Shrek stickers....and the very next day the lead role in the film came into work and she was really nice.

On the downside - I went out for pizza with my friends Claire and Jo and there's nothing like having to have your food cut up for you as an adult to make you feel really stupid!!!!!

I am now hoping that this will be the perfect excuse to not have to wash up or cook for sometime.

Oh, look what I just saw.......


  1. lol
    im so sorry that youre suffering.
    If you really want to hard hand labor, you could try binding a large wooden spoon. The base inside part of your thumb and its a more solid splint then what your wearing. It looks like only padded cloth, unless there is a thin flexable piece of metal inside unseen. But then if its flexable, then its a crappy splint.
    im still lol at monkeyballs :D

  2. There's a rigid metal bar running down the side of the thumb and wrist so I can't move my thumb. It's still knackered but back to the doctors this week - so fingers crossed!