Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Let them eat cake!

So Mad Men is taking over the world is it? Changing fashion to the extent that ‘big’ women are in? By big of course I mean women with a bum and a tum and boobs, oh yeah that would be it you know how women are meant to look!

Before you hiss at me, I know that some women are naturally skinny no matter what they do. And they get little sympathy for that, although I know that it can be as distressing to not be able to put weight on as it can be to struggle to lose the weight. A friend of mine has always been skinny – she used to have abuse hurled at her in the street when she was younger. That really shocked me. That anyone could be so nasty as to try to damage someone’s self esteem like that and to care enough to worry but then we all seem to support the ridiculous examples set by the fashion industry.

I heard, ok I read the other day someone commenting that ‘models are thin’, it would be Victoria Beckham defending the size zero. The thing is most models are only thin because they are so young or because they don’t eat very much at all.

Now I am not saying every model is anorexic or a junkie but there have been enough reports out there to highlight the issues surrounding models and how many don’t eat or have been known to eat cotton wool soaked in water to fill them up and stories of models injecting cocaine in between their toes to keep them going without food.

Why do we celebrate this?

Why do these women or girls become what so many chase after, for the majority of us it’s unachievable fullstop, for many it is only achievable through very unhealthy means.

Is it a wonder that so many celebrities have fertility issues?

So many celebrities are racked with insecurities and ‘hidden’ drug addictions. The down fall of people like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton highlight this plight and also the mockery that is made of the justice system.

If you or I had gone to jail and then been found with cocaine I am pretty sure a lot more would’ve happened to us than being refused entry to Japan.

If we had been released from jail and then failed a drug test so quickly we would not have been seen out shopping the next day.

But I digress. When did we decide to make the unhealthy something to be heralded and when did it become a popular tv programme that fashion has used as inspiration to decide that ‘big’ women are now ok. Why is it not just the fact that skin and bone in clothing is not ideal, is not healthy and is not the accepted norm? Why can we not herald the natural woman just because it makes sense?

The world of fashion confuses me. It irritates the crap out of me yet still I am interested in nice clothes and looking good. But I don’t starve myself for it. I don’t beat myself up for not being able to fit into the jeans of a child as an adult as pretty much that is what size zero and below is. I have never done a ‘fashion blog’ for this very reason, I find it hard to support an industry that is full of so many issues and so many troubled people, so many ridiculous ideals and the money…..when people are starving in this world it’s sick that someone can spend tens of thousands on one dress. It’s not a case of hating it because I can’t afford it. I really think there is something very wrong with encouraging women to make themselves ill to apparently look good. Bones jutting out of you is not a good look. Drug addiction is not a good look. We can enjoy and celebrate all these things without having to buy into the dangerous/nastier/seedier side of it.


  1. The only reason big women are ok now is because the modern life is generally unhealthy, thus there are more bigger women then ever before. Meaning that market is becoming increasingly valuable to the fashion industry. My girlfriend is a size 6 and she often struggles to get clothes that fit her.

  2. The point I am saying is that 'big' women are not really acceptable - it's just a passing fashion trend due to one show so the trend won't last long. I was saying 'big' in a slightly sarcastic way as it's saying a size 14 is big when it's not. When you think models are 5'10" to 6' tall their healthy weight is 11 - 12 stone and a lot of them are weighing 7 stone so are the size of a young teenager and that's not an acceptable image in my eyes. I don't know how tall your girlfriend is to know is size 6 is skinny or not. I do know that when I was growing up a size 0 didn't even exist in the UK (I know that UK and US sizes are different so I am talking from the UK Point of view). America has just developed a minus size, how is that even possible? Donetella Versace's staff stitch a different size label into her clothes so she thinks she's a smaller size than she is. Being overweight from a bad diet is not acceptable, I mean big as in just being curvy in the healthy sense. One designer has recently bought out a plus size range for people of a size 14 (that would be a 10 - 12 in the US) hardly big is it!!!! It just scares me how this ideal of women that should be about 11 - 12 stone are so hugely underweight through following a very unhealthy lifestyle is the image we push forth into the world as acceptable and something to aim for. Natually slim is one thing - half starving yourself or doing drugs to get skinny it a different ball park altogether.