Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just As Beautiful

It's a new magazine. It kindof carries on from my post the other day. This is a magazine for plus size models. Well it's a magazine featuring plus size models that is for anyone. Apparently there will be no air brushing. And models will be between a size 14 - 20.

This is a bit hit and miss.

Did any of us really think photos weren't airbrushed and that these 'celebrities' wake up with porcelain clean skin and skinny waists and big boobs and no wrinkles. Nope. But inevitably some people did. The ideals these set gave women ridiculous standards to try to live up to. The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf should be inserted here I am sure.

Computer tampered pictures are never going to be something any of us can achieve. But it keeps women buying into the vast array of diets and products on the market, consumer power and all that.

14 - 20 - well 14 isn't big in my eyes and 20 well that could be and we don't want to flip to the other side and promote bad living.

No magazine can really show what it should - that it's not about the outer package, that the inner package is the really important bit.

But making a magazine for plus size models is yet again putting people in a box and being exclusive. Why not mix it up a little. Why not just use women that are representations of the average women - in size, shape and lifestyle.

It's not just the look that is fed to us but have you seen the sort of prices of outfits they put into magazines. The average Jo would have to save for about 6 months before they could afford just one item. This makes people feel inferior, that somehow they are not achieving things properly or that the size of their wage cheque is what is important.

Of course it is to a degree, we all need food and a roof over our heads and we all like nice things, but somewhere we've gotten lost. We have become the size of our posessions. We measure our success by what we own or where we holidayed last year.

I measure my success by whether I can go to sleep at night with a clean conscience.

But then I too am a hypercrite as some days I don't feel successful because I don't have the right job or the big fat pay cheque (but then I guess those things happen because I am only human and I can't really say sorry for that).


  1. WAY TO GO! HELL YEA! sorry, I had to say it. This is honestly one of the best posts ive read in ages! Im so glad to see another woman spreading the word about the REAL WOMEN AND REAL BEAUTY. keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Kendra. Never say sorry for agreeing with me ;op haha. I totally agree with you - real women and real beauty! I hope that you are well.