Saturday, 18 September 2010

I can read, I can!

Yesterday the postman deliverd a book for me.  It's called 'Food for thought' and it's by Dr Vernon Coleman.

I knew it would give me some good tips on a healthy diet and also on of my brothers has a friend who developed ovarian cancer, she didn't agree with the modern approach to cancer treatment, which lets be fair is pretty bloody harsh, killing off everything in you, not just the cancer, anyway, she researched superfoods and followed quite a strict superfoods diet and she doesn't have cancer today.  So, that alone was going to be an interesting read for me.

I've done a post before about what goes into the meat we eat today and it's shocking.  Actually, it's pretty disgusting.  It's become quite common knowledge that the meat industry isn't just extremely unhealthy these days but that it's also damamging to the environment.  This book not only goes into this detail, but also the bad effects of microwaves, irradiation of food, tap's not all doom and gloom though - there is a very good guide in the book about vitamins and the fat content in food and some great recipes.

I actually would recommend everyone read this book as you will get something from it.  If you really don't care about what you are putting into your bodies, maybe you will care about the things that are being put out there as 'ok' and 'safe' for your children, grandchildren, generations to come.  There appears to many things that we use or consume that we are told is safe, but in reality the truth is that they are yet to get the proper data on what it is doing to us.  That's quite different to being 'safe' in my eyes.

"....too much decision making in our world is done in the interest of institutions and corporations - and business in general - rather than in the interests of individuals."

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