Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The good, the bad and the down right freakin ugly!

Biba - you gotta love it! Such an iconic logo and name and the history of this store and label is surely something every girl, their mother and their dog knows about! I can't think of anywhere today that is like the Biba of old - and that's a shame but hoorah....Biba is back - but not as we know it....but back all the same, selling through House of Fraser, oh my bank manager curses you!

Oh Christina, Christina - first you lost weight and went from pretty to a giant forehead on legs and now you go and wear this um this thing!!!

OOoooo if only I wore heals - these are lovely - totally impractical for the English wintery weather but lovely all the same AND as they are from newlook they are cheap cheap cheap - my favorite kind of price!

Hmm statement necklaces are good and chunky jewellery has always been tres popular to me but this? It looks too much like those baby trough bibs you can get. Yuk!

And these two outfits here are why the phrase "Fashion is so ugly that is why it changes so often" was invented for.....or fashion VICTIM, hideous on so many levels.

Yet another advert involving books and I love books and I don't care if it's cool or not - I always have and I think I always will!

Why? Why oh why - not one hideious thing but two put together - and I've seen it in more than one magazine - I really really hope I don't get to see them in person.  I don't think I'll be able to not laugh!

I want a chanel bag! I do.  Like forever.  But this? Ice cube bag by Chanel and for the lovely price of £5,000 you got it - NO!!!!!

Rimmel make up is cool - I use it and love it - and Zooey Deschannel is cool and now the two have merged.  Good choice Rimmel!

I HATE Louis's bags with a passion - brown and gold yeah nice, not! A lot of the designers are frighteningly tacky and it's not just because of the knock off bags out there it looks cheap.  But this one ain't so bad!!!

Hmmm nice!  Louboutins!

Pretty necklace - I don't know where it's from but if Ivy leaves come back in vogue I'm all over it! My mom recently gave me a broach of hers that is an ivy leaf that has been dipped in metal and it's lush!

Two lovely dresses by a wear - both are £45 so why not get them both! Why not indeed!

I love this coat - it's £55 - I think it should be mine

It looks like some puked up some chocolates or something all over what could've been a nice prom dress - do not buy!!!

This dress is wrong - it's too busy and should not work but something about it is calling out to me!

Agonovich - £950 but pretty cute huh!

One last thing before I go - take one gorgeous volumptuous lady - insert a stupidly uneccesary padded push up bra and what do you get? A really unsexy, frumpy looking person who has a babies arse sticking out of her dress.  Oh dear! There's a lesson in there you over dressing skint flaunting souls!

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