Monday, 9 August 2010

Today I hail Marc Jacobs

So the first big designer (oh yes this is such a bad pun) to not just think, but actually put the wheels into  motion to launch a plus size range of designer clothes.  Someone has realised that just because you are not stick thin does not mean you don't want to look good, glamorous or that you don't give two hoots about fashion.

I personally wouldn't call a size 14 plus size but when you think the average for designer clothes is a 6 - 10 (I'm talking UK sizing here so I guess that would be a 4 - 8 in the US?), anyway - I am really hoping that this brings forth a flood of designers catering for all women, or should that be catering for women that are all woman? Yeah I know, the puns just keep rolling.

Last year we had the drama of someone walking out on London Fashion week because the models were too big.  But we've seen the Dove advert be one of the most successful advertising campaigns for years - because they are using 'real' women.

Is this the start of the backlash against unrealistic images being forced down the vulnerable necks of children, women and some men?  There has been a call for any picture that has been airbrushed to have a foot note to say it's been airbrushed.  Someone out there is talking about making bra sizes that don't jump by two inches each time but go up inch by inch, ah it sounds so simple but still is not yet available.  Or Jones the boot makers being the first shoe company to realise that feet and people come in different shapes and sizes so what do you know - so do calf sizes - woo hoo - hail the genius.  Don't they say though that some of the best inventions are really obvious and staring you in the face all the time.

I personally could not think of anything more demoralising than seeing some skinny waif (yes I will bring that word back) strutting down the catwalk all cheekbones and shoulder blades, and you buy the outfit and shock horror, it doesn't drape off you it kind of clings to you....because you have a tummy and a bum.  Newsflash people - we are women we are meant to have a bust, a bum and a tummy.  I don't mean be over sized and not look after yourself but please don't starve yourselves to try to be a version of yourself that you wouldn't naturally be.

I am a UK 10 - 12 and am 5' 10" and I am the biggest I have ever been due to an inactive 4 years of illness and just age creeping up on me.  It's not big - but there are days I feel huge, now I wonder if this is a subliminal message going on inside telling me this because I don't look the same size as the girls in the magazines.  Not one person I know in real life says I am big......and they are not just being polite, so it does make you wonder.

I hail Marc Jacobs for hopefully setting a trend that will allow bigger people to wear glamorous clothes and hopefully fill the heads of the youth with better body images than they are currently being fed.

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