Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A sprinkle of glitter, a dab of glue and a little bit of fairy dust

So what’s been going on in the world of Ali – a hurricane of sparkle is what.

I had the best birthday weekend that went way too fast and I was impressively spoilt with an array of books, cd’s, accessories and ‘stuff’. Of course the best thing about this is that a lot of my loved ones were around me for the weekend which always means more to me than anything. And I do genuinely mean that. Of course we all love to receive great gifts but I’d rather see someone in person and spend time with them. I still have gifts and meals to come so it’s exciting to have my birthday stretched out over a few weeks because of it – I can totally see why the Queen insists on two birthdays and if it’s good enough for her it’s sure as heck is good enough for me.

I don’t know who reading this lives in London or who is planning to come to London but there are some places I went to that are really worth a mention.

The Haberdashery.
This is a lovely little café in my neck of the woods. It’s totally like I dreamed up my perfect café and then they made it. It’s all healthy and fresh food. The food is served on mismatched vintage plates, the hot chocolate is served in bowls, there are little cotton flags up in the shop as décor, the till area is like an old fashioned sweet shop and the bread is served up in flower pots.

The Diner

This is a chain that is popping up all over the place and I am very glad for that fact – the décor is lovely – but I really do think the staff should dress up all 50’s to make the atmosphere just so. Anyway – they seriously do the best milkshakes!

The King’s Head

Not far from me, is this lovely looking pub. Downstairs there is live entertainment and many a comedian has chipped his tooth, so to speak on this stage. The Roasts are devine, and my veggie needs are catered for beautifully.

Waterlow Park

Highgate is famous for many things – but this lovely park is situated just off from the centre and leads through to Highgate Cemetery – some dude called Karl Marx is buried there. It’s £3 to go in but it is worth it. The park of course is free, and comes with duck pond and café, sunshine can’t be guaranteed though.

Mother Mash

Who knew about this place? I surely didn’t and I can’t wait to find the time to put my bum on one of their seats and have a 3 course mash potato hit! Heaven is on earth after all.


One of the worlds largest toy stores….in fact, I think it is the largest toy store in the world, it’s amazing I don’t have residency there. Just one word of warning, it’s very hot in here and the drinks are about £2 per bottle.

Irregular Choice

I love these shoes. Full stop. I don’t wear heels though so it saves me a lot of money. They recently moved store and sadly this beautiful wall decoration has not been replicated in the new store – I’m hoping that is something they will change. Shoes range from about £40 - £120 and are lovely!

See, all this in one weekend, added together with lots of presents and lots of lovely people - it really made me realise how lucky I am!


  1. Ah, Hamley's! Can you still get a newspaper printed with your name in the headline?

  2. wow that was a great tour and i wish i could be there, ofc id still be hiding in the shadows from all those "normal" people :) im happy to know you dont wear heels too

  3. I actually contacted Hamley's to find out if they still did the newspaper thing but sadly they don't - pity! Still, it's a great store! It was a lovely weekend - it's nice to explore London again as sometimes you can take it for granted.