Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Today I will be recommending the following....

So, I've told you that you should go and listen to the Dum Dum Girls right? Did you? Do you like? I hope so.
My latest thing to love is Best Coast, I got the CD about 10 days ago and it was released in the UK for proper on Monday. 

Bobb Bruno and Bethany Cosentino are Best Coast and apparently met at a party where a girl jumped out of the window.  Now I don't know if the girl jumping out of the window brought them together and it has put some funny images into my head, but I hope the girl was ok.  This record is like a 60's pop record - nice and straightforward, nice isn't always bad you know - it's a misused word at times.  It's great pop, the songs are a bit like love letters of a teenager but don't let that put you off.

I have a new book to read by Augusten Burroughs that is a follow up to his amazing book Dry.  You might know of him from the film Running With Scissors - I didn't really like the book to be honest but something drew me to buying fast became one of my favorite books.  It is about Augusten and his road to sobriety - it's funny and it's dark and it's honest.  Read it.  A Wolf At The Table is the follow on from that but is going backwards to his very early childhood.  I am hoping it is as good, no doubt disturbing but hopefully it's injected with Augustens own eloquence and charm.

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