Saturday, 21 August 2010

Running On Empty

That's how it feels.  Today is a weird day and I don't really know why.  I went into the next village and forgot my camera and saw some lovely things - it's nice because I am doing the other blog I seem to look at everything these days to see if it would take a good picture.  Eyes wide open!

I watched two films today.  Wendy & Lucy and My Life Without Me.

I watched Wendy and Lucy because I had heard somewhere that it was this really great film - thoughtful and poetic - really simple but something about it was gripping and lovely.  D watched it and at the end his remarks were 'Well, that was really shit wasn't it!' no question - just a very confident statement.  I found something in it but I am not sure what.  I think it's because I am feeling a little lost today.  Wendy and Lucy is about a girl named Wendy and her dog named Lucy.  Wendy is heading to Alaska and her car breaks down - she gets into trouble for stealing some dog food and ends up losing her dog.  The film is her struggle to make ends meet and to find her dog and the couple of characters she meets on the way.  And that's it - that's your film.  The Straight Story is another that has a simple plot - but something captures you.  This was not as good - but I still found something there.  Not many people seem to have seen it so I haven't got a clue if my reaction or D's is the most common.

The other film - My Life Without Me, was recommended.  I made a comment that if I found out I had cancer that was inoperable I don't know if I would tell anyone - I don't think I would have treatment - and maybe I'd just try to make the most of every moment, to make everyone else OK - to know I was leaving them in safe hands and then gentely slope away.  This film is pretty much about just that.  A young 23 year old girl called Anne finds herself in that very situation - she is married with 2 children.  Finding out such news makes her embrace life, she records tapes for her girls to be given to them every year, she tries to find her husband a new wife, finding a new neighbour called Anne, she starts an affair with another troubled soul, Lee.  And that pretty much is your story - I will definitely be watching this one again as it plucked a chord somewhere that is still resonating.  Again it's another film that I know some would just think was slow - but I think I am getting a taste for those thought provoking movies.

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