Thursday, 12 August 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly.

With the Internet and mobile phones - everything seems so much more accessible - and the world almost feels smaller.  News can travel round the world in seconds.  Images following to be broadcast all over the world.  Lonely people don't have to be lonely anymore and people's good deeds don't have to be kept secret.

There are many good things to come out of this.  But sadly, there are also many bad things to come out of this.  I've always thought there is certain information about murders and war that we don't really need to know, pictures that we don't really need to see and I worry that people are getting desensitised to death/murder.

Today I saw a story that really highlighted the sadness of how we've all become so fascinated in getting a picture, quite often just for Facebook or Twitpic.  I posted a story about the sad abuse a little dog got and thankfully that was recorded but this story is just sad.

A 15 year old girl felt at the end of her tether.  She had lost her boyfriend, seen him with a new girlfriend and been disowned by her friends.  She knew it was just a stage and that she would get through it but she said she had to actually live through this stage first, and she couldn't.  She jumped off the top of a multi-storey car park and as she lay dying on the ground below some people came over and started taking pictures of her, not helping her, not calling an ambulance, not holding her hand so she wasn't alone as she died, taking bloody pictures!!!

R.I.P Robyn

But to balance things out a little - someone did a dirty deed and tried to drown an unwanted puppy but some young boy risked his life and jumped into the canal to save the puppy that had been thrown in - he's now got himself a new pet ☺


  1. Oh my god... I can't believe what evil people there are in this world... lucky some darn good people too.