Thursday, 5 August 2010

Raveonettes tackle dark things with breezy pop

I have long been the butt of people's jokes for liking The Raveonettes but I don't really care.  They do great little pop tunes and I don't need every song I hear to change the world.

And I have to say song of the day should go to them for this little number.  You might guess from the title about what the subject matter is: "Boys Who Rape Should All Be Destroyed".

The lyrics are quite hard hitting but it's done in such a saccharine sweet way.  Nada Surf tackled this subject wonderfully in Mother's Day as well.

It's sadly something we are hearing of more and more as people seem to be losing respect for so much and some girls are being gang raped as initiations which is again beyond sick.  What a society we are creating ay.

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