Friday, 27 August 2010

Ground control to Major Tom

There’s a real downside to summer and that would be things with wings like Mosquitoes and other such buglets.

Last year I got attacked in Scotland, as I did this year – I’m very popular up there with such things it would appear.

Last year I got a bite on my ankle when I was back in London and it became so swollen it hurt to walk. It made my blood pressure rocket, I felt very unwell and had to go on anti-biotics.

Now – something is doing the same thing this summer but I am refusing the anti-biotics and trying to tough it out and show the little critters that I hate them and they won’t win. Although I am starting to feel very unwell again.

I’ve tried the spray from Avon and no good.
I’ve tried evil chemicals but hate them.
I’ve tried vanilla – no good.
I’ve tried tea tree but can’t stand walking around smelling of shoe polish.

And to really top it all off – it’s not even sunny outside – it feels like I fell asleep and woke up in October – it’s cold, it’s miserable, it’s wet and I have a bloody scarf on – it should be the height of summer and I have a bloody scarf on.

My fairy godmother didn’t come through for me either – I asked for a ticket to Reading so I could see Blink 182 – but have you seen what has happened to the place – one giant nasty mud bath, oh well I hear it’s good for the skin.

Then you look around you at all the natural disasters going on and the floods in Pakistan. Unbelievably horrible and nasty. Even when the water goes they will have a very long road ahead of them trying to clean it all up and to find soil that is good enough to use again as the top soil will all be washed away.

New Orleans is still trying to get back on its feet 5 years after Hurricane Katrina.

Back home there was quite bad local flooding one year – so bad the army had to come out to rescue some people. It was said to be a freak incident – it’s pretty much happened every year since.

Is that it now – is this what global warming does – we don’t have any strong seasons but we have the odd really strong weather condition pretty much all the time somewhere in the world?

It’s quite scary to see how things have changed just in my life time. The creatures that are now living in the UK that would never have survived here once. The way the water is changing and more sharks and jelly fish are being seen. Just the other day a man was bitten by a black widow spider. I always thought that we never had to worry about such things in this country.

We look at the resources we had and what we have today. I really do think my parents generation probably had it the best but don’t even know it.

Too many people around me are so money focused they don’t really see much beyond their life style and their life time.

I’ve raised awareness on this blog about the elephants and the rain forest and the orangutans but there is so much more all the time.

But what can we really do? What can we do to make a big enough difference?

Most, in London, live in houses that don’t have gardens so it’s difficult to grow your own veg’. Nearly all of us have to use the tube or bus to travel to work due to the distance and the safety issues on the roads. I can’t control where my supermarket ships their produce from.

I can make my own little small difference though I suppose and I do try with recycling and not being wasteful with my water and energy consumption. I walk where I can, when I can. I’m a vegetarian. I use energy efficient light bulbs. I dry my clothes naturally. I have my own cup at work and reuse it.

There’s a nice little website that gives further ideas, and another article here

But does anyone know how to save me from these pesky mosquitoes!?!


  1. from the limited info ive seen, heard and read about weather conditions as of late, its an ebb and flow cycle type of thing that runs up n down, soft and hard in a 10 or 20 year term. Things are becomming harder these last few years and it seems that it will continue for its normal cycle. So yes next season will bring harsher conditions. Only the extremists blame mankind for the warming trends tho. They say the co2 we emitted over the last century is the cause because, well i cant say what thier motives are, but when Mt Saint helens blow in Washington state it blow out more "polution" in a week than we could amagine, and didnt chili erupt and a few others?
    Compine those with the countries that are just becoming industrialist this generation. Sorry im babbling nonsense i think.

    As for mosquitos and your buglets, the only thing i can think of from living in the forests is the there is a plant called sweet fern, that i use to rub the leaves on my face an arms and burn so my clothes would hold the smoke. it kept id say about 99% of the mosquitos away and i was never bothing by bees,ticks, an knats. But then ofc i lived in the forest so my social life was limited :)
    Oh you could look for plantain plants, not the banana looking fruit, its a small plant sort of like dandilion, it grows one stalk about 1 foot tall with 100s of tiny seeds, the seeds themself are eaten and when digested not only are nutrient rich but as you swet, it is like a feramone that insects hate and doesnt change your natural body odor. I mean like it is said that garlic heals the body so someone that is very ill will consume large amounts or you see garlic pills sold, but they still stink of garlic. This plant does not have that effect.
    Again sorry for the useless info :(

  2. Don't apologise for what you have to say - only do that if you are being really out of order ☺ The fact you lived in a forest is quite interesting - did you find out the way to avoid getting bitten by yourself? I tend to find all the insect repellents repell everything anyway but the chemicals in such things scare me.

    I think there is a lot of truth in the fact that what man does may not be having such a major effect on the environment as we think but as the world gets more populated and resources get smaller I think we really should all pull our finger out and look after this planet as basically we do call it home!

  3. Hi Alice
    I would never say anything that i thought would be rude or out of order to you. I dont know you well enough to know if you would understand my sarcasm so im always guarded.
    As for living in the forest, like the story goes, it was the best of times and the worst of times. I spent over a year and a half out in the cascade mountian range of washington state. It was borinng compared to life in cities with alot of walking and watching nature. the hardest part was comming back and being around people again.

    As for those little buggers, im with you on the chemical stuff. Those two plants i mentioned up top are the only things i know, sorry. The only thing i can think of is purfumes and how everything sold has a fragrance added, they smell great to both men and bees. I wish i could be of more help.

  4. I've bought a lavendar plant to put on my desk at work and my fingers will be firmly crossed.
    Living in the forest sounds pretty interesting - you must get to learn a lot about yourself when you only have yourself to rely on. Big lights and big cities aren't everything! They are nice in them can keep you trapped in a self absorbed bubble. I can only imagine what it must've been like to return to it.