Friday, 6 August 2010

A dog is a man's best friend

It's just a shame that 'man' can't always be the dogs best friend.

In the paper today I saw that some young idiot man has been convicted of abusing his dog.  I am not going to name him or post a picture of him, as I don't think he deserves that level of recognition as he seems to be the sort of person that might enjoy it.

He was filmed beating and kicking his puppy for about 20 minutes, to make his friends laugh.  I mean wtf? is that fun? How is that entertaining? There are so many things I could say but I am sure you get the picture and I doubt there is much need for me to turn the air blue.

Said person has been sentanced to 4 months in jail and been fined and told he can't have dogs for 'x' amount of years....surely that should be never, but anyway...............

Statistically there is very strong evidence to show that a young person that abuses an animal is far more likely - even to the extent of highly likely - to go on and abuse a person.

A puppies behaviour is very similar to a small child's behaviour - so if you can't tolerate one you might not be able to tolerate the other.

I know this wasn't quite a case of this - this was more of the owner using the dog to look big scenario - with no compassion for that other little living being at all.

A life is a life in my eyes.  Dog, human...........none of it should be taken for amusement or for money.  I am totally sick of seeing and hearing about people mistreating their dogs..............and their children but I am sure that is another blog post......

I almost apologise for this next picture - but sometimes a picture speaks far more than words ever can.

NOTHING should ever have to be put through something like this.  I've been talking about it a bit lately but it is something that I feel strongly about and something that sadly seems to be around far too often.  Do what you can to try to stop such things happening - maybe then we can all build a much nicer society for us, our children, our grand children, and so on, to live in.


  1. I hate the way humans class other animals inferior to 'us' I think a dog can provide more love than another person. Obv a dog cannot replace a relationship but I know when I get a pet it wouldnt hurt me or leave me and would show me unconditional love.

  2. this hurts and upsets me in so many ways, that person can be so twisted that he was able to not only do that to a helpless puppy and laughs about it, but only recieved 4 months for the life long damage and trauma he inflicted, but all his cheering fans that watched and encouraged his behavior get to walk free unnamed and forgotten. but lastly that you didnt post his name and photo. I know im thousands of mile away and helpless, but personally i feel that his face and that puppy should be posted on every blog and street post in the city that he lives in. Maybe that way if we made public displays of criminals then people would learn that your actions are accountable. I think only then would everyone behave properly and the world would be better. Sadly in 4 months when he's released everyone would have forgotten him, well until in a few years when he's arrested for beating his wife or child.

  3. You both make excellent points here - the guy doesn't deserve any 'fame' for his crimes which is why I didn't post his picture - but it can be found on the internet under scumbags (ok maybe not) - sadly there are quite a few similar stories. I hate the bulldozer effect of some humans sometimes - and I can never get my head around someone hurting something so innocent for fun. It really makes my blood boil. Thanks both of you for your words.

  4. it breaks my heart and enrages me at the same time. how anyone can be so cruel to an innocent creature is simply terrible.

  5. Thanks - you're so right - I don't understand it and I'm glad I don't - I just feel so frustrated that the punishments aren't really harsh enough to stop people being cruel to such lovely animals. Makes me feel very saddened. But it's uplifting to see most people agree with me on this one.

  6. This makes me want to cry and scream! You are right, this is so sad...

  7. They really are scum aren't they!