Sunday, 29 August 2010

Confessions of a serial stitcher

Well it's a new hobby.  A friend sent me a picture of a lovely cupcake scarf with the price tag of $65 plus shipping - on a scarf? In a word, 'No' - so I flippantly said I'd take up crochet and make my own.

So I did.

I bought two books, some crochet needles and some yarn and away I went - practising for a while then I set about making my cupcake scarf.  I of course zone in on all the mistakes I've made but I have to say I am pretty bloody chuffed with myself........

and went on to make another scarf.........

and another..........

In the process I dislocated my thumb!  I snapped it back into place but yes, it hurts!!!!  No pain no gain as they say - why did they have to be right on this one though!!!!!


  1. well im impressed, not bad for your first time out :) in which chapter does it cover dislocating limbs?? :p
    im sure it wont be long before youre nitting sweaters for hairless kittens around the world :D

  2. Haha you've worked me out :o) Yeah I think I am going to get something for the thumb I'm finding it hard to write and we can't have that!