Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Being old is nothing to be ashamed about

This advert tickled me pink! It's funny, but there's also quite a darn good message behind it.  For some reason we've been brought up to think that aging is something to be ashamed of, something to hide away from - but lets be honest - we know a lot more - we have a wisdom worth more than money - laughter lines are not something to be ashamed of.  Yet here we are doing some of the most disgustingly drastic things to our bodies in the bid to find eternal youth.  It ain't going to happen! We are leaving breathing beings which means things wear out - we get older and we die - two facts of life - you can put it off but then you just end up looking like Joan Rivers.  Bless her and all that but she doesn't look young she just looks kindof scary.

Madonna appears to be going the same way - she's been a total junkie to working out and strict routines but it hasn't saved her from lots and lots of surgery - and now she hates her arms - a result of her work outs and her hands - as they give away her age.  The stupid thing is - even though she's had surgery we've still seen the pictures of her wrinkly.  We've seen her unairbrushed (see the right side of the picture) and other than the facial hair I'd say she looks pretty damn good still - she's never been girly pretty but she doesn't look bad for a 52 year old man (haha I know it's a joke I heard and I think it's funny but it's a joke that is all).  For a 52 year old - she doesn't look bad - and that was before the surgery - now she's looking a little puffy faced and feline - the beginning of the end of looking human.

I also wonder what message this gives to fans - it's not very spiritual is it?  What message does it give to your children?  Subtly changes even can make children feel their parent doesn't want to look like them - or that they no longer look like their parent and I think both of those issues are quite serious when you sit down and think about it.

So as funny as the advert is - I think there is a very serious message behind it......

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