Monday, 26 July 2010

Give A Dog A Bad Name.

So, this weekend myself and D have had a 3 month old puppy to look after. We are not allowed to have a pet ourselves as apparently a dog would do too much damage. No damage (to my knowledge) has been done. The effect I have noticed is a lot of joy in my house and a lot of broken hearts by people we’ve met in the street.

The puppy we’ve had is gorgeous. Gingery colour with white socks and green eyes. Some people have been petrified of him as he’s obviously a Staffy. And this is where I have got annoyed.


And yes, I was shouting that. It’s been something that has frustrated me for years.

Pitbulls for example are now banned in many places, and some have been exterminated just because they are a Pitbull. I think Hitler did that to the Jews or something yeah!?!?! Basically it didn’t matter what the history of the dog was they were being destroyed because some people had reared a dog to be a vicious lump of muscle.

We have children turning out the same these days due to bad parenting.

There are some idiots in this world that get a dog and use it as a weapon. They will mistreat it and turn it into an aggressive dog when if it had been brought up by someone else it could’ve been a lovely animal.

There are some dogs that were bred to be aggressive towards other dogs, not to humans. And they would only be aggressive to other dogs if they are trained to fight.

A friend was out at the weekend and met some people walking some Rottweiler’s – it wasn’t so long ago, the 80’s for example that these were the feared dog and calls were made for them to be banned. Now this dog was a rescue dog. A man had two pitbulls and would use the Roweiller as bait for his two pitbulls. That is the owner being an idiot to put it lightly and I know who should be put down and it’s not the pitbulls ok.

Every animal has the ability to turn nasty but many rarely do. A Jack Russel is just as likely to bite you as a Pitbull or Staffy if they are brought up correctly.

This weekend the meanest dog I saw was a Daschund!!!

Yet again the defenceless creature seems to be being blamed for the acts of stupid humans.

There have been cases now of gangs using dogs to fight their wars. It’s irresponsible and down right disgusting. Dog fighting makes me sick.

To me if anyone takes the life of something living they should be punished with fair jail terms. Mistreating something that is a living breathing being should have a suitable punishment with it. Not just a slapped wrist and told you can’t own a dog again for a while. Maybe that would help people to think twice before using an animal in such a nasty way.

‘My’ puppy has been adorable. But in the wrong hands he could be a little monster. You see where I am going with this again can’t you – it’s the people not the dogs!!!!! Any decent human being knows this and should take steps to report such people to stop these poor dogs getting such a bad name and an undeserved reputation.

There is very hazy use of the name terrier or pit bull which has led to many dogs being recognised as the wrong breed. But there seems to be a bit of a universal law for them which shows the unfairness of this.

Read more here:

You will see that they are used as Companion dogs and therapy dogs – geez they must be real nasty – please insert the rolling of eyes here.

When you look at these statistics please think about how many people die from everyday silly accidents, road deaths and spousal abuse, just to keep things in perspective.

It would appear to me that these poor dogs are being used as the victims of idiot breeding in some humans, not the dogs.

And just for the record - here's my little killing machine!

They call it puppy love ☺


  1. I know what you mean completely. At uni my course is animal behaviour and we often have a whole class of people and the lectures hating on the Dangerous Dogs act. I still don't understand how under that act if someone 'thinks' your dog looked at them funny or in a threatening way you can be prosecuted because your dog is 'out of control'. Absolutely madness! Dogs are dogs of course they show aggression but it completely depends on the owner if it does something about it and trains the dog with basic obedience or encourages bad behaviour. Some people really don't deserve the love and affection dogs give. This subject gets me really angry with some people.
    And that was my rant :}

  2. Ah it's good to hear someone else say all that so please do feel free to rant away - it's gotten me pretty mad over the last few years! It's been amazing how some people have been absolutely petrified when they see this lovely little staffy puppy running along. We met quite a few people over the weekend that had the same views as us and as you. Which is nice to hear!