Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Silent Star is Rising

Frances Bean Cobain.

I bet you already have thoughts and images in your head just from reading her name.

She must have had quite some childhood full of more ups and downs and twists and turns than any waterslide.

I've heard all sorts of rumors about her.  But she's finally doing something for herself.  She's always said that she's not famous that all she's achieved so far in life is to be the fastest sperm and she is not her mother or her father. 

She is forging a name as an artist it would appear.  She's long talked about the comic book world.  Her art is uncannily in the vein of her fathers.  In style and subject.

Frances debuted her art on Friday at the La Luz De Jesus's latest showing, using the name Fiddle Tim.

Work from the exihibition can be viewed here http://www.laluzdejesus.com/shows/2010/Fiddle-Tim/Fiddle-Tim2010.htm

And here's one for you all called Scum Fuck.

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