Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sick and disgusting!

Some things that go on in Japan I love, and some things sicken me. I was walking to work thinking about this when a Japanese girl walked towards me wearing a Hello Kitty jumper. Now there is something I love!!!

I watched a programme a while ago and it was about Japanese eating habits – they showed a live fish that had been concertinaed onto a skewer, so pierced several times, and eaten alive. The person eating it could not understand the problem. Or at least pretended not to understand the problem. Now it’s not my place to tell people what they can and can’t eat but surely that goes beyond that and comes under the word of Torture, does it not?

Last night I watched one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. It was called The Cove. It was about some dolphins being captured to go to sea life parks and for people to swim with dolphins. Each dolphin was worth $150,000.00 so a pretty big market. These dolphins in captivity are showing huge signs of stress. I didn’t know this. I do know they are a very intelligent creature that will protect a human if that human has done nothing to them. Many surfers have spoken about dolphins pushing sharks away from them. As far as I know they are one of the only other living creatures that have sex for fun as well. Anyway, the dolphins that are rejected as not good enough to go to these places are killed. Not released but killed. And are worth a whole $600.00 to the fishermen. I don’t know why they are not released. The killing is so horrific that the whole cove turns red. You can hear the dolphins screaming. You can see them thrashing around as they are stabbed repeatedly until they die or swim off and drown. Not pretty. It had me in tears. It was so unnecessary for anything to be killed in such a way. The fact that it is all done in secret and undercover speaks volumes.

There is a man called Ric O’Barry who feels very guilty. He helped choose and train the dolphins for the old TV show Flipper. This started the craze. He ignored it for a while then realised he had to do something. I respect the man for that. He is now a full time campaigner for this disgusting act to be stopped. One of his colleagues was apparently followed to the beach by one of The Cove fishermen/murderers if you will, and she was strangled. She died. His life is also in danger. The fishermen in The Cove are very aggressive to people that are trying to see what is going on. The Oceanic Preservation Society has been set up and was heavily involved in the programme. They managed to hide cameras around The Cove, and the footage was horrific. And I am not trying to glorify this. Poor countries have been pulled in on board to support such acts by being given money.

If you can watch this programme then please do. In the UK it went out on Channel 4 last night but it was a cinema release so is something you should all be able to get hold of. Watch it, with a box of tissues firmly by your side, and then go to the Oceanic Preservation Society to see how you can help stop it.

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