Friday, 9 July 2010

Ah Oui Oui Paris

Miu Miu

Now the Miu Miu print seems to be everywhere - of course many are copies but I do really like it - there is something uniform and a bit formal about the whole cut of the skirts, jackets and trousers but the print keeps it quirky - I am not so sure about the sequin turantula that is sat on the shirt but I am sure I can find it within me to forgive.


It's all a bit Clockwork Orange meets Sherlock Holmes and all that leather just gives it a kinky edge but still keeps it quite a hard look! But the catwalk is fab fab fab.


Part Egyptian, part Native American Indian, part victoriana.......the head gear is oh so just for the catwalk but the rest is pretty stunning.

Viktor & Rolf

So ridiculous - but so intriguing.  Old school ruffles and bussles and then some!

Vivienne Westwood

Punk meets Marilyn Mansons make up artist crossed with the essence of Helena Bonham Carter.  Especially the last picture - and that one I really really want, not the head gear and not the fake moustache but the socks and the dress yes please!

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