Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I'm sorry I must've hiccuped.

So......sometimes people make me cross and situations frustrate me.  And even though I pride myself in not partaking in senseless gossip that would hurt someone and I know that if I say anything behind someone's back I would also have the courage to say it to their face....even though that is fact with me I still get told to not rock the boat.  To let things lie.  To leave it be.  Don't make a know where I'm going.

Is this because I really am still meant to just sit there like a nodding dog, to be seen and never heard, to not hold an opinion.  Sorry but that is not even being human let alone being a female with a mind - heaven forbid - what a scary concept. 

I don't cause rows for no reason.  I don't like arguments.  I try not to let unnecessary things get to me.  This leads to confusion - some people see this as a weakness and being too placid - I just think there are a lot of things to get pissed off about in this world but someone sitting in 'my' chair at dinner isn't one of them.....not that anyone does sit in my chair at dinner but you get my drift.......

But some things are worth shouting about.  Especially when you can see adults that are just school ground bullies still.  When you see people purposely going out to hurt someone just to get some evil satisfaction in their own empty pathetic lives.  To get pleasure out of causing others sadness.  To twist and squirm and shout so loud when you are caught out that you end up making people just 'give up' around you.

It frustrates me that bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.  Should I take comfort in thinking well everytime something bad happens to me, or him or she or he that it's because they are good? It doesn't really wash does it, doesn't really seem ok....dare I say fair (yeah I know this life isn't fair and blah blah blah but....doesn't it just wind you up something rotten sometimes?)

Wouldn't it be lovely if, even for one day, people focused on themselves and their lives, their co-dependants, their way of living.  Being kind to themselves and their loved ones, reaching out to a stranger to help.  Thinking about their place on earth and the generations to come.

Focusing their efforts on making their little patch of this earth as lovely as possible.  Bringing their children up to be kind and to see the world in the best way possible.  To make their little patch as good as can be and if everyone did that we'd have a lovely world - when it's broken down to such simplicity it sounds so easy doesn't it.  Yet some people seem hell bent on making each day as difficult as possible.

I've digressed a little and come back round but hey that's artistic license for you.

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