Friday, 16 July 2010

Through The Looking Glass

If you could look into your future, would you do it?

I don't mean go to a palm reader or a clairvoyant or anything like, I mean if you could truly properly see into the future. 

Would it stop us really living, would it stop us learning or would we just be able to float over all the rot and live this charmed life?

I have a feeling we think we would like to skip over the rot and live that charmed life but.......and this is only me speaking for me but it's my blog so I guess that's the point ☺

If I think quickly of a bunch of things that I would definitely class as 'rot' in my life what would I have missed if I had just glossed over it all and if I had glossed over it all where would I be.............

Chances are I would still be going to the same clubs, moving in the same circles doing pretty much the same thing.  I had a ball doing it at the time but would I still be finding it so exciting now? Someone pointed out to me that if you go out all the time eventually it takes away some of its charm and it's no longer special to get dressed up and go out and isn't a big thing that you look forward to.

They might have a point.

Now 2 events that have really really changed my course of life would be a rotten relationship I had and my illness, so....lets think.

If I had been able to see into the future I would've avoided those two things and I would've missed out on:
Loads of punk rock shows with my brother Paul and our friend Carl.
I would never have met Abi, Marie, John, Marion, Mathew, Jade or Levi.
I would have missed out on all the indie and rock shows that John and I used to go to.
I wouldn't have reconnected with my old college friend Jenny.
I would never have had a year living with Mark and Amy, my older brother and his girlfriend - and there were definitely some good times there.
I would never have had some of the good experience my job at that time gave me.
If I then hadn't moved back to London when I did, I would never have met Becky,
If I hadn't moved back then I wouldn't have reconnected with my friend Sophie.
I then would never have met Sophie B, Patrick, Kelly, Michelle, Theresa, Ebony, Fe, Jess, Lisa, Ana and so many others.
I probably wouldn't be doing this blog, or my other blog, or my writing course.
Oh my gosh the list goes on and on and you see where this is heading - all that led me back round to being the person I am today and to meeting D and to living in a turret.

That quite blows me away.  Those are the outcomes from two of the really shitty times of my life.  Suddenly not so bad huh!

So I guess what I am trying to say is if you are going through one of those low times please draw strength from this message.

I feel I am heading into a bit of a bad patch again and already it's making me see that I should see it as a room for growth and opportunity - so I am going to try to sit back and enjoy this ride as much as possible.

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