Thursday, 8 July 2010

Blogging it in.

So there appears to be a bit of a backlash from the old school media - as in the people that have been working in fashion and in or on magazines for years, decades even - fighting for their chance to be on the front row of the fashion shows.....only to find they are still only 3rd row after all the work they have done whilst the new young teen bloggers are....shock, gasp ON THE FRONT ROW!!!

Ladies and gentlemen oh my god it would appear the fashion world might be a little fickle and about what sells - who would've thunk it! I roll my eyes hugely at this!

Tavi - Teen Fashion Blogger

Now I remember in my younger years - being old enough to have liked Nirvana when Kurt was still alive - and then a whole generation came up behind loving Kurt and the competition was out - I loved him more because I was alive when he was.  What a stupid argument.  I was just chuffed that other people where getting into a cool band.

If I find a band I love I tell people - I want other people to share my joy or discovery and I want the band to sell more records.  I don't get possessive over it.  For the record my current new favorite band is the Dum Dum Girls. 

Dum Dum Girls

Now think of the opportunity for these young fashion bloggers.  Amazing huh! Who would say no.  They got the invite - it's not their fault that people thought they should be front row.  The young fashion blogger is somewhat of a fad at the moment.  All fads come and go.  These magazine people should have enough faith in their work that if they are doing their best and put their commitment in they will be around long after the fashion blogger thing has warn off or had its day.  If not - then why would they begrudge someone else a chance.  Maybe the fashion blogger thing is here to stay - so be careful that young hip little thing could one day be your boss.

Maybe though, this need I have to share and not be so precious is why I am not heading up a company and probably never will - but I am totally ok with that.

Kathleen Hanna

I was really into the whole Riot Grrrl moment and had my own fanzine.  I moved to London and ended up getting to know people in some bands I had loved for years - amazing.  My crowning moment being at the Betsy Trotwood with David Christian from Comet Gain and Kathleen Hanna is a great friend of his and we danced to a song and had a little chat - it was amazing.  She is a woman that still hugely inspires me today.  And to see a bunch of new bloggers and new musicians hailing this movement makes me happy not precious.

So lets all try smiling at other peoples success when it's earned or interesting and save the venom for things that are really worth it.

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