Monday, 19 July 2010

Are you sitting comfortably?

A little while ago I wrote a blog post about the environmental effects of eating meat. you can read it here!

Now the Guardian has decided to copy me (yeah I am joking) - the Guardian has written an article that I think you should all read, this one you can read here.

And whilst I am having a bit of a story telling moment - you should definitely all go and pay this site a visit.  The whole Riot Grrrl movement got some bad press, hardly any of it was warranted and it has seemed to have died off a lot over the last decade BUT (and thank goodness) many younger fans of music and blog writers are rediscovering this for themselves which is great! The Riot Grrrl movement, without a doubt, changed my life, so please go and devour this site - it's really really good it is.

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