Thursday, 15 July 2010

Another one bites the dust.

So Kelly O has sadly found out her boy has been a cheating poo head on her.  These things seem to happen time and time again don't they - not just for poor little Kelly (which I know sounds really patronising but I don't mean it so).

It's not just in the world of celebrity that such things happen - it happens all around us all the time but of course we get to hear about it more if it's celebrities - or our closest friends.

Time and time again so many of these problems arise from the lack of nurturing a relationship.

If you never saw your friends they would dwindle away.  If you never looked after yourself you would be a mess before too long.  So why oh why do people think that if they are in a relationship that it's ok to go weeks or months with just the odd fleeting meeting up or phone calls.  You can't talk about the real nitty gritty when you only have fleeting meetings and some things just can't be discussed properly on the phone or via email of skype, or whatever it is you use when you can't be face to face.

I am with my boyfriend because I enjoy spending time with him and enjoy hanging out with him.  Not just so I can say I have a boyfriend.  We live together but I don't think it's ok to be out every night and just see him to say goodnight to and think that all will be ok.  I don't have a perfect relationship but I do know that it needs nurturing and that good quality time needs to be spent together on a regular basis.

So many celebrity relationships seem to fall apart due to the distance between each other - which of course gets translated into proper distance not just being in another country or town distance.  I think long distance works for a bit and then cracks appear or things can't move on.  Is it really possible to have two really successful busy people that do a lot of travelling in their day to day work - is it really possible for them to sustain a long term relationship?  The more I look around me the more it would seem that the answer to this is a negative one.

Some have said that monogamy is no longer in fashion!?! I think jealousy has always been around and that deep down we all crave that one special somebody so I don't really think it's about what's in vogue - just maybe we are all so busy we forget one of the most crucial things in our lives, our special someone.

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