Thursday, 29 July 2010

Do I Feel Good Because I Look Good or Do I Look Good Because I Feel Good

Holly Fulton. Trained in London and I think about to hit the big time with her lovely art deco prints and accessories.

And oo la la I am glad I don't wear heels otherwise I'd be a very poor bunny.  Giuseppe Zanotti.

Peter Pilotto - almost too good and look even Rhianna agrees!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Give A Dog A Bad Name.

So, this weekend myself and D have had a 3 month old puppy to look after. We are not allowed to have a pet ourselves as apparently a dog would do too much damage. No damage (to my knowledge) has been done. The effect I have noticed is a lot of joy in my house and a lot of broken hearts by people we’ve met in the street.

The puppy we’ve had is gorgeous. Gingery colour with white socks and green eyes. Some people have been petrified of him as he’s obviously a Staffy. And this is where I have got annoyed.


And yes, I was shouting that. It’s been something that has frustrated me for years.

Pitbulls for example are now banned in many places, and some have been exterminated just because they are a Pitbull. I think Hitler did that to the Jews or something yeah!?!?! Basically it didn’t matter what the history of the dog was they were being destroyed because some people had reared a dog to be a vicious lump of muscle.

We have children turning out the same these days due to bad parenting.

There are some idiots in this world that get a dog and use it as a weapon. They will mistreat it and turn it into an aggressive dog when if it had been brought up by someone else it could’ve been a lovely animal.

There are some dogs that were bred to be aggressive towards other dogs, not to humans. And they would only be aggressive to other dogs if they are trained to fight.

A friend was out at the weekend and met some people walking some Rottweiler’s – it wasn’t so long ago, the 80’s for example that these were the feared dog and calls were made for them to be banned. Now this dog was a rescue dog. A man had two pitbulls and would use the Roweiller as bait for his two pitbulls. That is the owner being an idiot to put it lightly and I know who should be put down and it’s not the pitbulls ok.

Every animal has the ability to turn nasty but many rarely do. A Jack Russel is just as likely to bite you as a Pitbull or Staffy if they are brought up correctly.

This weekend the meanest dog I saw was a Daschund!!!

Yet again the defenceless creature seems to be being blamed for the acts of stupid humans.

There have been cases now of gangs using dogs to fight their wars. It’s irresponsible and down right disgusting. Dog fighting makes me sick.

To me if anyone takes the life of something living they should be punished with fair jail terms. Mistreating something that is a living breathing being should have a suitable punishment with it. Not just a slapped wrist and told you can’t own a dog again for a while. Maybe that would help people to think twice before using an animal in such a nasty way.

‘My’ puppy has been adorable. But in the wrong hands he could be a little monster. You see where I am going with this again can’t you – it’s the people not the dogs!!!!! Any decent human being knows this and should take steps to report such people to stop these poor dogs getting such a bad name and an undeserved reputation.

There is very hazy use of the name terrier or pit bull which has led to many dogs being recognised as the wrong breed. But there seems to be a bit of a universal law for them which shows the unfairness of this.

Read more here:

You will see that they are used as Companion dogs and therapy dogs – geez they must be real nasty – please insert the rolling of eyes here.

When you look at these statistics please think about how many people die from everyday silly accidents, road deaths and spousal abuse, just to keep things in perspective.

It would appear to me that these poor dogs are being used as the victims of idiot breeding in some humans, not the dogs.

And just for the record - here's my little killing machine!

They call it puppy love ☺

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sick and disgusting!

Some things that go on in Japan I love, and some things sicken me. I was walking to work thinking about this when a Japanese girl walked towards me wearing a Hello Kitty jumper. Now there is something I love!!!

I watched a programme a while ago and it was about Japanese eating habits – they showed a live fish that had been concertinaed onto a skewer, so pierced several times, and eaten alive. The person eating it could not understand the problem. Or at least pretended not to understand the problem. Now it’s not my place to tell people what they can and can’t eat but surely that goes beyond that and comes under the word of Torture, does it not?

Last night I watched one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. It was called The Cove. It was about some dolphins being captured to go to sea life parks and for people to swim with dolphins. Each dolphin was worth $150,000.00 so a pretty big market. These dolphins in captivity are showing huge signs of stress. I didn’t know this. I do know they are a very intelligent creature that will protect a human if that human has done nothing to them. Many surfers have spoken about dolphins pushing sharks away from them. As far as I know they are one of the only other living creatures that have sex for fun as well. Anyway, the dolphins that are rejected as not good enough to go to these places are killed. Not released but killed. And are worth a whole $600.00 to the fishermen. I don’t know why they are not released. The killing is so horrific that the whole cove turns red. You can hear the dolphins screaming. You can see them thrashing around as they are stabbed repeatedly until they die or swim off and drown. Not pretty. It had me in tears. It was so unnecessary for anything to be killed in such a way. The fact that it is all done in secret and undercover speaks volumes.

There is a man called Ric O’Barry who feels very guilty. He helped choose and train the dolphins for the old TV show Flipper. This started the craze. He ignored it for a while then realised he had to do something. I respect the man for that. He is now a full time campaigner for this disgusting act to be stopped. One of his colleagues was apparently followed to the beach by one of The Cove fishermen/murderers if you will, and she was strangled. She died. His life is also in danger. The fishermen in The Cove are very aggressive to people that are trying to see what is going on. The Oceanic Preservation Society has been set up and was heavily involved in the programme. They managed to hide cameras around The Cove, and the footage was horrific. And I am not trying to glorify this. Poor countries have been pulled in on board to support such acts by being given money.

If you can watch this programme then please do. In the UK it went out on Channel 4 last night but it was a cinema release so is something you should all be able to get hold of. Watch it, with a box of tissues firmly by your side, and then go to the Oceanic Preservation Society to see how you can help stop it.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Are you sitting comfortably?

A little while ago I wrote a blog post about the environmental effects of eating meat. you can read it here!

Now the Guardian has decided to copy me (yeah I am joking) - the Guardian has written an article that I think you should all read, this one you can read here.

And whilst I am having a bit of a story telling moment - you should definitely all go and pay this site a visit.  The whole Riot Grrrl movement got some bad press, hardly any of it was warranted and it has seemed to have died off a lot over the last decade BUT (and thank goodness) many younger fans of music and blog writers are rediscovering this for themselves which is great! The Riot Grrrl movement, without a doubt, changed my life, so please go and devour this site - it's really really good it is.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Through The Looking Glass

If you could look into your future, would you do it?

I don't mean go to a palm reader or a clairvoyant or anything like, I mean if you could truly properly see into the future. 

Would it stop us really living, would it stop us learning or would we just be able to float over all the rot and live this charmed life?

I have a feeling we think we would like to skip over the rot and live that charmed life but.......and this is only me speaking for me but it's my blog so I guess that's the point ☺

If I think quickly of a bunch of things that I would definitely class as 'rot' in my life what would I have missed if I had just glossed over it all and if I had glossed over it all where would I be.............

Chances are I would still be going to the same clubs, moving in the same circles doing pretty much the same thing.  I had a ball doing it at the time but would I still be finding it so exciting now? Someone pointed out to me that if you go out all the time eventually it takes away some of its charm and it's no longer special to get dressed up and go out and isn't a big thing that you look forward to.

They might have a point.

Now 2 events that have really really changed my course of life would be a rotten relationship I had and my illness, so....lets think.

If I had been able to see into the future I would've avoided those two things and I would've missed out on:
Loads of punk rock shows with my brother Paul and our friend Carl.
I would never have met Abi, Marie, John, Marion, Mathew, Jade or Levi.
I would have missed out on all the indie and rock shows that John and I used to go to.
I wouldn't have reconnected with my old college friend Jenny.
I would never have had a year living with Mark and Amy, my older brother and his girlfriend - and there were definitely some good times there.
I would never have had some of the good experience my job at that time gave me.
If I then hadn't moved back to London when I did, I would never have met Becky,
If I hadn't moved back then I wouldn't have reconnected with my friend Sophie.
I then would never have met Sophie B, Patrick, Kelly, Michelle, Theresa, Ebony, Fe, Jess, Lisa, Ana and so many others.
I probably wouldn't be doing this blog, or my other blog, or my writing course.
Oh my gosh the list goes on and on and you see where this is heading - all that led me back round to being the person I am today and to meeting D and to living in a turret.

That quite blows me away.  Those are the outcomes from two of the really shitty times of my life.  Suddenly not so bad huh!

So I guess what I am trying to say is if you are going through one of those low times please draw strength from this message.

I feel I am heading into a bit of a bad patch again and already it's making me see that I should see it as a room for growth and opportunity - so I am going to try to sit back and enjoy this ride as much as possible.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Another one bites the dust.

So Kelly O has sadly found out her boy has been a cheating poo head on her.  These things seem to happen time and time again don't they - not just for poor little Kelly (which I know sounds really patronising but I don't mean it so).

It's not just in the world of celebrity that such things happen - it happens all around us all the time but of course we get to hear about it more if it's celebrities - or our closest friends.

Time and time again so many of these problems arise from the lack of nurturing a relationship.

If you never saw your friends they would dwindle away.  If you never looked after yourself you would be a mess before too long.  So why oh why do people think that if they are in a relationship that it's ok to go weeks or months with just the odd fleeting meeting up or phone calls.  You can't talk about the real nitty gritty when you only have fleeting meetings and some things just can't be discussed properly on the phone or via email of skype, or whatever it is you use when you can't be face to face.

I am with my boyfriend because I enjoy spending time with him and enjoy hanging out with him.  Not just so I can say I have a boyfriend.  We live together but I don't think it's ok to be out every night and just see him to say goodnight to and think that all will be ok.  I don't have a perfect relationship but I do know that it needs nurturing and that good quality time needs to be spent together on a regular basis.

So many celebrity relationships seem to fall apart due to the distance between each other - which of course gets translated into proper distance not just being in another country or town distance.  I think long distance works for a bit and then cracks appear or things can't move on.  Is it really possible to have two really successful busy people that do a lot of travelling in their day to day work - is it really possible for them to sustain a long term relationship?  The more I look around me the more it would seem that the answer to this is a negative one.

Some have said that monogamy is no longer in fashion!?! I think jealousy has always been around and that deep down we all crave that one special somebody so I don't really think it's about what's in vogue - just maybe we are all so busy we forget one of the most crucial things in our lives, our special someone.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I'm sorry I must've hiccuped.

So......sometimes people make me cross and situations frustrate me.  And even though I pride myself in not partaking in senseless gossip that would hurt someone and I know that if I say anything behind someone's back I would also have the courage to say it to their face....even though that is fact with me I still get told to not rock the boat.  To let things lie.  To leave it be.  Don't make a know where I'm going.

Is this because I really am still meant to just sit there like a nodding dog, to be seen and never heard, to not hold an opinion.  Sorry but that is not even being human let alone being a female with a mind - heaven forbid - what a scary concept. 

I don't cause rows for no reason.  I don't like arguments.  I try not to let unnecessary things get to me.  This leads to confusion - some people see this as a weakness and being too placid - I just think there are a lot of things to get pissed off about in this world but someone sitting in 'my' chair at dinner isn't one of them.....not that anyone does sit in my chair at dinner but you get my drift.......

But some things are worth shouting about.  Especially when you can see adults that are just school ground bullies still.  When you see people purposely going out to hurt someone just to get some evil satisfaction in their own empty pathetic lives.  To get pleasure out of causing others sadness.  To twist and squirm and shout so loud when you are caught out that you end up making people just 'give up' around you.

It frustrates me that bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people.  Should I take comfort in thinking well everytime something bad happens to me, or him or she or he that it's because they are good? It doesn't really wash does it, doesn't really seem ok....dare I say fair (yeah I know this life isn't fair and blah blah blah but....doesn't it just wind you up something rotten sometimes?)

Wouldn't it be lovely if, even for one day, people focused on themselves and their lives, their co-dependants, their way of living.  Being kind to themselves and their loved ones, reaching out to a stranger to help.  Thinking about their place on earth and the generations to come.

Focusing their efforts on making their little patch of this earth as lovely as possible.  Bringing their children up to be kind and to see the world in the best way possible.  To make their little patch as good as can be and if everyone did that we'd have a lovely world - when it's broken down to such simplicity it sounds so easy doesn't it.  Yet some people seem hell bent on making each day as difficult as possible.

I've digressed a little and come back round but hey that's artistic license for you.

Monday, 12 July 2010

“I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.”

So, not only is this book due out later this year, which is set to give many new insights and some old ones, into one of the most popular films of all time.

Audrey Hepburn has been named the Most Beautiful Woman of All Time.  That makes me happy as I am quite the fan of Miss Hepburn.  The article went on to say how she even beat Cheryl Cole to the top spot and all I can say to that is I should bloody co-co.  Beauty to me is about outwards grace as well as inwards grace and sorry but despite the great PR being done on Cheryl Cole it's not that long ago she beat up that toilet attendant.....and that ain't pretty by anyones standards.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Ah Oui Oui Paris

Miu Miu

Now the Miu Miu print seems to be everywhere - of course many are copies but I do really like it - there is something uniform and a bit formal about the whole cut of the skirts, jackets and trousers but the print keeps it quirky - I am not so sure about the sequin turantula that is sat on the shirt but I am sure I can find it within me to forgive.


It's all a bit Clockwork Orange meets Sherlock Holmes and all that leather just gives it a kinky edge but still keeps it quite a hard look! But the catwalk is fab fab fab.


Part Egyptian, part Native American Indian, part victoriana.......the head gear is oh so just for the catwalk but the rest is pretty stunning.

Viktor & Rolf

So ridiculous - but so intriguing.  Old school ruffles and bussles and then some!

Vivienne Westwood

Punk meets Marilyn Mansons make up artist crossed with the essence of Helena Bonham Carter.  Especially the last picture - and that one I really really want, not the head gear and not the fake moustache but the socks and the dress yes please!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Blogging it in.

So there appears to be a bit of a backlash from the old school media - as in the people that have been working in fashion and in or on magazines for years, decades even - fighting for their chance to be on the front row of the fashion shows.....only to find they are still only 3rd row after all the work they have done whilst the new young teen bloggers are....shock, gasp ON THE FRONT ROW!!!

Ladies and gentlemen oh my god it would appear the fashion world might be a little fickle and about what sells - who would've thunk it! I roll my eyes hugely at this!

Tavi - Teen Fashion Blogger

Now I remember in my younger years - being old enough to have liked Nirvana when Kurt was still alive - and then a whole generation came up behind loving Kurt and the competition was out - I loved him more because I was alive when he was.  What a stupid argument.  I was just chuffed that other people where getting into a cool band.

If I find a band I love I tell people - I want other people to share my joy or discovery and I want the band to sell more records.  I don't get possessive over it.  For the record my current new favorite band is the Dum Dum Girls. 

Dum Dum Girls

Now think of the opportunity for these young fashion bloggers.  Amazing huh! Who would say no.  They got the invite - it's not their fault that people thought they should be front row.  The young fashion blogger is somewhat of a fad at the moment.  All fads come and go.  These magazine people should have enough faith in their work that if they are doing their best and put their commitment in they will be around long after the fashion blogger thing has warn off or had its day.  If not - then why would they begrudge someone else a chance.  Maybe the fashion blogger thing is here to stay - so be careful that young hip little thing could one day be your boss.

Maybe though, this need I have to share and not be so precious is why I am not heading up a company and probably never will - but I am totally ok with that.

Kathleen Hanna

I was really into the whole Riot Grrrl moment and had my own fanzine.  I moved to London and ended up getting to know people in some bands I had loved for years - amazing.  My crowning moment being at the Betsy Trotwood with David Christian from Comet Gain and Kathleen Hanna is a great friend of his and we danced to a song and had a little chat - it was amazing.  She is a woman that still hugely inspires me today.  And to see a bunch of new bloggers and new musicians hailing this movement makes me happy not precious.

So lets all try smiling at other peoples success when it's earned or interesting and save the venom for things that are really worth it.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Oh la la!

John Galliano kicked off the shows in Paris in a very fanciful floral fantastical way!

Check it out....not so sure on the head gear though John.

The Silent Star is Rising

Frances Bean Cobain.

I bet you already have thoughts and images in your head just from reading her name.

She must have had quite some childhood full of more ups and downs and twists and turns than any waterslide.

I've heard all sorts of rumors about her.  But she's finally doing something for herself.  She's always said that she's not famous that all she's achieved so far in life is to be the fastest sperm and she is not her mother or her father. 

She is forging a name as an artist it would appear.  She's long talked about the comic book world.  Her art is uncannily in the vein of her fathers.  In style and subject.

Frances debuted her art on Friday at the La Luz De Jesus's latest showing, using the name Fiddle Tim.

Work from the exihibition can be viewed here

And here's one for you all called Scum Fuck.

Thursday, 1 July 2010


So here's a new photoshoot by Nick Knight for Vogue Hommes doesn't take much to work out it's actually Lady Gaga - it's very convincing - which really is not going to help her to take those rumors away - but I kindof think it's really funny and hats off to her for doing it!