Thursday, 3 June 2010

Short and sweet

The quote on my calendar this morning is "If you wouldn't write it and sign it, then don't say it."

That is a good theory - and one I intend to ponder on a slow boring afternoon in the office - on the plus the weather is lovely - blue skies and sunshine makes everything feel better!


  1. words I live by. I say nothing online that i wouldnt or havent said face to face. and never used "anonymous"
    I feel if people dont like what I say, thats fine, but I feel it is better to let my thoughts be known then to be judged for what you think Im thinking.

    Everyone has good an bad days and one off the wall comment isnt a complete view of a person as a whole.

  2. Spot on again John - well said.
    My calendar states today that you shouldn't speak unless you can improve on the silence - and I really like that ☺