Monday, 28 June 2010

Shhhhhh it's oh so quiet!

I've just spent the last week in Scotland - in Lochgoilhead to be exact and it's been so lovely!
The place is remote, it's clean, it's quiet and oh so picturesque.

It's somewhere that it felt like a lot of things in my head were starting to slot together - I felt so creative out there - due to the silence and the views.  I feel I am now waiting for all the pieces to slot together (hopefully not hitting me on the head in the process and also winning the lottery would not go a miss as I would like to buy me a piece of that holiday I just had in the form of a lodge pretty please.)

We spent a day in Edinburgh and a day in Glasgow and it just wasn't the same - we were itching to get back to the Lochs and the peace and quiet.  The nearest supermarket was almost an hours drive away so heaven forbid we had to be a bit organised and it was quite something after the 24 hour lifestyle of London.

Once upon a time such scenery and quietness would have really not appealed to me - I would've found it boring and not interesting for more than a mere moment.  Now? Well I want it back.  I woke up the morning after coming home feeling quite sad that the views had changed and that I was back in the thick of it all.  Straight away we were hearing sirens and people shouting.  Straight away I was seeing the competitive streak of city people and I dared to forget myself for a moment and smiled at someone walking past me - and if looks could kill.

I know it's age but I am no longer ashamed of that.  I love that peace and quiet and tranquility.  I loved feeling so creative.  Now to find a way to be able to get a slice of that so I can spend my days drawing and writing.  It kind of feels like a more productive way of life is fast heading for me and I intend to hit it at full speed.

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