Friday, 4 June 2010

A nature disaster!

I am sure we all know about the oil spill that BP seem to be failing quite spectacularly at stopping but please check this link.  It's sad, horrible, makes me angry but I think we all need to be aware of just how bad this is.....


  1. Im trying to avoid such realities, funny enough, my shrinks agree that it is safer for me to do so.
    But I slip now an then and learn about such sad horrors.
    I just wish, well you know the end of that line. I think most people make the same wish.
    Stay safe there mam

  2. It's true that pretending all this doesn't happen makes the world a much nicer place and if you let everything that went wrong bother you too much you'd never survive but some things I just cannot ignore.

    I agree with your wish!