Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The more you get the more you want

Or so I assume when I look around me at the way people are - the way people will grab at anything that has a sale sign on it - seeing it as something that is 'saving' them money.  My mom tries that one all the time - as I am sure many women do when they come back home laden with bags full of clothes.  Their loved one will ask them what they spent and they will answer with what they have saved.

Kids today have so much - or did have - I fear a lot is about to be taken away from us without many ever getting to make the most of the freedom that they had.

Cars were a luxury and your life was built around your village or within a mile or two of where you lived.  Everyone knew everyone - sometimes a good thing but useless if you want any privacy.  The world became more open and more accessible - which is/was amazing.  Cars became a neccessity no longer a luxury.  Children didn't just leave home they left the villages they grew up in far behind - sometimes they even left the country they are from far behind.  Now it's becoming so expensive to just take driving lessons - let alone actually own and run a car that many can no longer afford it.  Houses are become just a pipe dream or something that only the rich swap amongst themselves.  But we no longer live in homes that can accommodate geneartions of people under one roof, so what now?  Flights and train travel are becoming over priced, congested, riddled with strikes - you can't trust anything running on time or actually running at all these days - now throw in the year round flooding and bad weather conditions.  Maybe they always happened, but I guess it wasn't quite so important back then?

Back then you'd grow some of your own food - things would be produced in your country for use in your country.  Just the other day Tesco's in Evesham were criticised for flying in Asparagus from another country when Evesham is a huge market town for vegetables - specialising in Asparagus.  It's not just the local economic climate to think about with that one but it's the environmental damage of the cost of shipping all these things in and becoming so reliant on other things.

Today - education seems more open - there is more opportunity - a girl doesn't have to be content with the career prospects of being a ballerina, a secretary or a nurse.  Boys have more option than engineer, plumber or soldier.

There is a wealth of information at your finger tips thanks to the internet.  So much learning - so much opportunity and so many people right there for you to speak to as if they were sat next to you.

Fanzines were just starting off when I was growing up - now you can have whole websites to talk about things and to find out about things.  Ebay didn't even exist (that's not always such a bad thing).

You could get involved with so many things - and some do.

Still there are many so bored they just hang around street corners finding trouble or waiting for trouble to find them.

It's become a need need need NOW NOW NOW culture.

Sadly I think all that is about to change.  We are going to go back to shortages of almost everything - a poverty we've probably not felt for quite some time.

Thing is we've gotten used to the nice things in life.  Life any wage rise - it's hard to imagine going without once you've had it.  How would we cope? Half of us don't have the necessary skills anymore.  The family unit is broken and the community spirit mostly gone.

Maybe people will find a voice again and be more creative than buying a gun or a knife to try to solve their problems.  The record industry is on it's way out as far as the big money is concerned - will the film industry be set to follow next? Will people just roll over and give up or will people get more creative?

I hope so and I hope that if at least one good thing comes out of this - the environment will get a bit of a break from mans need for things now no matter what the cost and maybe that all important community spirit will come back.

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