Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I can't live on air but.....

So, my desk calendar says today ‘You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.’
That is really brilliant food for thought and something that is on my mind more and more these days – maybe it’s age – maybe it’s just waking up a little.

The more I look around me it becomes obvious that we have become a nation of wanton need and greed. Success seems to be measured in how much ‘stuff’ you own. Things are replaced so quickly that little worth is attached to a lot of these materialistic things even though we deem to attach someone’s greatness to them.

People are angrier and more jealous than I’ve ever seen – is this because of this wantonness and this need and longing for more and more ‘things’.

When people were more equal they went out without locking their house up – things would be just fine when they got home. Now we super secure our homes and they will still get broken into – people after all they can get without having to really work for them – instant gratification – with no thought for others at all.

I recently went to some parts of London that I had never seen before. Some very rich parts of London. Bags for £35,000; dresses for even more! I don’t care how much money someone has, when there are still starving people in this world, that is just sick!!!
If I own lots of houses and loads of jewels it doesn’t make me a good person. It could actually hinder me finding out who I really am or living in the ‘real’ world.

I went past a house with armed guards outside it. Honestly – if that is the fear you have to live with because of how much you earn or how many sparkly things are in your house – then forget it.

Somewhere along the way so much has been forgotten. Work hard and achieve by all means but don’t lose track.

Success is being a good person, having a clean conscience, seeing the world with open eyes, and helping your fellow man. Knowing that so and so down the road is ok and not needing for anything – not rushing past the man that fell in the street because it’s not your problem. To think nothing of someone’s yearly wage on one item and then being shocked by the news. Keep both eyes open and both feet firmly planted on the ground. To think that we feel all these things make us happy – I think they actually clutter us and our lives and distract us more and more from true happiness.

Maybe that’s because I don’t really have very much. But I do know that I have never earned money in a way that has harmed someone (think of oil production, diamond farming, banking etc). I notice the world around me. I’m not in a car with blacked out windows, wearing sunglasses being hurried too and fro for fear of being recognised and in some cases for fear of my life. When some families have so much that any decline in the stock market makes them fear they are worthless that they kill themselves and their family – or when someone who is famous or earns so much they live in constant fear of their child being stolen and held for ransom – surely that is the time to reassess and realise that the key to happiness is surely meant to be simple – the good life is not about ‘things’, being rich is not about possessions and materialistic wealth.

I’m still figuring it out for myself but it made me realise that although I would like a home of my own and a little more money, I wouldn’t want the trappings of fame and success. Even that phrase should spell something out to us………………


  1. you said that nicely. I think that the rich guarded people collect all their nice things because without them, they are empty shallow people. I often wunder what the rich think when they see the poor. In the end I think the poor are more happy. Its better to want what you dont have then it is to have everything and like you said, to live in fear of losing it.

  2. I think you've said it very well yourself there! People scooping up all their possessions to make themselves feel valid....and just end up scared of losing it - it's very well put!